Dead Auntie (hot chocolate with spiced rum) £5.90
Berry, banana & mint smoothie (add wheatgrass for £1.50) £4.25
Tunnock’s caramel wafer milkshake £4.25
Bloody Mary (Virgin £3.50) £6.25
Daily Dose unpasteurised cold pressed juice
Orange juice £3.90
Kale, cucumber, apple, lime & mint £3.90
Carrot, apple, tumeric, ginger & lemon £3.90
Beetroot, apple & ginger, lemon £3.90
Pineapple, cucumber, mint £3.90
Light breakfast
Greek yoghurt with toasted oats, seeds & fruit compote £3.75
H&H Quinoa & buckwheat granola, soy yoghurt & berry compote  V+GF £4.75
Bacon sandwich with butter £4.75
On sourdough toast
Butter & homemade preserves (strawberry, apricot, spiced apple, orange or lemon and lime marmalade) £3.50
Roast mushrooms in cream, white wine & thyme £6.25
House beans in pepper stew (vegan) £5.25
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or streaky bacon £8.25
Eggs Royale
Beetroot cured trout, spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce on an English muffin £9.25
Crispy bacon & bourbon syrup £7.75
Poached pear, flaked almonds, crème fraiche & chocolate sauce £7.75
Veggie Breakfast
Two eggs (fried or scrambled), halloumi, bubble & squeak, beans, roast mushrooms & toast £9.75
Full Spanglish
Two eggs (fried or scrambled), chargrilled chorizo & morcilla, beans, roast mushrooms & toast £10.75
                       One fried egg £1.40
                       Two fried eggs or scrambled egg £2.50
                       Chorizo or morcilla £1.90
                       Streaky bacon or smoked salmon £2.20
Sandwiches £3.00
Cheddar & tomato chutney
BLT £5.00
Cured trout, cream cheese & pickled cucumber £5.75
Coconut & strawberry jam muffins £2.50
Plain croissant, almond croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, cherry or apricot danish £2.50
Vegan banana bread £1.90
Walnut & coffee cake £3.75
Blood orange tart with creme fraiche £4.25
Chocolate fudge cookies £2.20
Millionaires shortbread £3.40
Flourless chocolate brownie £2.90
At peak times we may have to ask for the table back after 1.5 hours. Thank you for your understanding.