Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster Review

The Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster brings vintage style to your kitchen – but it also has bang up-to-date functions. We seem to be having a bit of a retro moment right now, perhaps because we like the reassurance of designs that have stood the test of time.

That’s certainly true of the Swan brand, as it has been in existence since the early years of the last century. The Swan name is part of the great manufacturing heritage from the city of Birmingham. The name has come to represent robust, well made products with great performance and detailed styling. That’s as true today as it ever has been – witness this retro styled toaster.

Award Winning Retro Design

The styling is just right – not over the top, but subtly done. In fact, Swan have won design awards for this kitchen range. There’s a coordinating kettle in the same style, and they look really great together. The black and silver design adds a classic tone if your kitchen is already colourful, or if you want a restrained look. But there’s a whole range of vibrant colours too, if you prefer a pop of colour, or want to coordinate your kitchen design.

However, toasters rise or fall on how well they toast – so let’s put it through its paces when it comes to the perfect slice.

Modern Functions And Features

The great thing about the Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster, is that while its looks might be retro, its performance and features are definitely twenty first century. The slots are generously sized, so that the toaster will take the large “toasting” loaf slices that defeat many other models. This means that you don’t have to turn the bread round half way through, in order to get the whole slice toasted, so top marks for that. This product also has auto-centring, which means that the bread is positioned so that it browns evenly. If you’re a fan of crumpets, you’ll find that they brown perfectly too.

Perfect Pop Up

There are few things more annoying than a toaster that doesn’t properly pop the toast up. You either have to risk burning your fingers to get it out, or end up trying to spear it with a knife, which is dangerous and could damage the toasting elements. The Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster presents the finished toast well above the toaster surface, so that it’s easy to pick up. Cleaning the toaster is simple too. There’s a slide-out crumb tray that allows you for quick cleaning. When finished, simply slide the crumb tray back in.

Toast The Way You Like It

With smaller households these days, many people keep bread in the freezer to prevent it going stale before it’s all been used. The Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster has an easy to use defrost setting that will prepare your bread, ready for toasting. We all like our toast done differently – some people like it really dark brown and crisp, others prefer it lightly toasted and chewy. This toaster can cope easily with individual preferences, because it has a knob for adjusting the browning level – the scale goes from 1 to 6. The toaster also has an LED indicator lamp – not that retro, but useful all the same!

The toaster operates at 2,000 watts, so it’s powerful enough to toast quickly. It weighs just over 5 kg and is made of metal, so it looks and feels solid, unlike many of the more flimsy plastic toasters. Altogether, this is a great buy, delivering vintage design combined with excellent performance.