Smeg Retro Pastel Blue 4 Slice Toaster Review

Smeg is the most iconic name in retro kitchen appliances. Their stylish vintage design fridges were responsible for starting the whole trend towards retro in our kitchens. Part of the reason for this, is the irresistible colour palette Smeg uses. And let’s face it, when it comes to impressing friends and neighbours, that distinctive Smeg logo on the side of a product says it all.

This Smeg retro 4 slice toaster, in a gorgeous pastel blue, ticks all of the boxes and will look great in your kitchen. There’s a coordinating kettle in the same design and colour too.

However, it’s not just good looks that make Smeg one of the great names in kitchenware. All of their products are superb quality and feature innovative functionality. Many manufacturers try to achieve a vintage look while using flimsy plastic. The Smeg retro 4 slice toaster is made from deep drawn sheet steel – this high quality production process creates a strong and durable product. The high production values are carried through into every detail of the toaster – the feet for example, are non-slip, to ensure that the toaster stays put when it is in use.

Toast Anything And Everything

The toaster has two extra wide slots. These are ideal for artisanal loaves, bread you have made yourself, or for thick cut slices from any loaf. They also take the extra large slices from toasting loaves. And of course, they’re ideal for toasting bakery goods such as bagels, crumpets and teacakes. In fact, there’s a sophisticated bagel function for toasting one side more than another.

Everyone likes their toast a different way! Some are fans of crisp, very brown slices, while others much prefer it soft and chewy. With the Smeg retro 4 slice toaster, you can adjust the browning level using a scale from 1 to 6. The toaster has racks that will automatically centre the toast so that you get an evenly browned product.

If you’re a fan of toasted sandwiches, the wide slots will cope easily with these, and you can also buy a separate sandwich cage to make toasting easier.

Easy Maintenance And A Reheat Option

There is a removable crumb tray, so cleaning couldn’t be simpler. Just take the crumb tray out, clean it, and slide it back in. Trailing cables on the kitchen worktop look messy, so Smeg provides an integrated cable storage to keep your kitchen looking smart.

The controls are illuminated, and unlike most toasters, the Smeg has both a reheat and a defrost option, along with a cancel button, if you want to interrupt the toasting. The toaster operates on up to 950W and weighs 4.8 kg.

Italian Design Heritage

Because the name sounds German or American, many people don’t realise that Smeg is actually an Italian company. That’s why the designs and colours are so good! The company was founded in 1948, and is still run by the same family today, so this is genuinely a heritage brand. They say that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door, and Smeg has certainly proved the old saying right.

The company has concentrated on the more upmarket end of the industry, and this has served it well, as more people have become interested in products that will last, rather than cheaply produced, plastic “throwaway” items. Smeg even researches aesthetics in its design studio. Smeg’s ultra modern headquarters has been named as one of the most innovative and bio-efficient buildings in Italy – very much in keeping with their philosophy.

The Smeg four slice retro toaster is certainly not the cheapest option – but you are buying something that you will keep for years, with a classic design that won’t date.