Smeg KLF04BLUK Variable Temperature Kettle Review

Smeg KLF04 Variable Temperature Kettle is arguably one of the most elegant and fashionable jug kettles that you will find in the market. To begin with, it is housed in a curved stainless steel structure that makes it a classy and seamless kitchen appliance. Besides its superior physical appearance, this kettle also delivers a performance that you will find reliable in your kitchen.

It comes with some of the best features that you will find in high-end kettles. These features include a removable stainless steel filter, 7 temperature settings, a start/stop button, a temperature selector level and a keep warm button. Among the features that make this kettle a must-have in your kitchen is an LED display, an acoustic alarm, a 1.7-litre capacity and a 360 swivel base.

Key Features

  • 7 Temperature Settings

This kettle is designed and made for tea and coffee enthusiasts. As such, it comes with temperature settings that allow you to set the temperature to your liking between 50oC and 100oC. It also comes with a keep-warm function that enables you to reheat to the customized temperature of your beverage for about 20 minutes. However, you can only activate this function during the boiling process. Without the keep warm function, your kettle will lose heat faster and make your beverage cold.

  • 1.7 Litre Capacity

This kettle comes in a curvaceous stainless steel body shape that can hold up to 1.7 litres of water. With it, you can prepare up to 7 cups of boiled water. The push-pull opening lid ensures that you can refill it or pour out its content without stress. If you love meeting up with your family and friends in the patio during the evening hours for a cup of coffee or tea, then this kettle is what you need for flawless brewing of your favourite beverage.

  • 3kW Heating Element

Smeg KLF04 Variable Temperature Kettle comes fitted with a 3kW concealed heating element that delivers enough energy to get your water or beverage boiling in under 3-minutes. Even though this time is slightly longer as compared to the average boiling time of its competitors, it comes with a variable temperature setting that produces precise results.

A removable and washable stainless steel limescale filter completes the interior design of this kettle.

  • Usability

This kettle is built with ease of use in mind. For instance, it features a clear water level indicator window to allow you to view the water levels as you refill. The water indicator is located at the back of the handle with clear markings of 0.5l, 1l, 1.5l, and 1.7l at the maximum. Refilling the kettle is also easy because you only need to press a button that in turn opens the lid. Moreover, it comes with a 360o rotating base that is fitted with anti-slip feet to ensure it rests on a stable base at any spot in your kitchen.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

No one wants a hard to clean or maintain kitchen appliance in the name of a kettle. Smeg has constructed this kettle to not only offer an excellent performance but also to make its cleaning and maintenance process seamless. The removable and washable stainless steel limescale filter and flexible lid ensure the cleaning process is simple and quick. Moreover, it is cordless, which means that you can carry it to the sink without worrying about tampering with the electric elements in its base feet.


  • Comes with a keep-warm function to keep your beverage or water in the desired temperature
  • Features 7 adjustable temperature settings of between 50oC to 100oC
  • Higher water capacity of 1.7 litres
  • It comes fitted with a 3kW concealed heating element for a quick boiling
  • Features a removable and washable stainless steel limescale filter for easy cleaning
  • It is built with stainless steel to be durable
  • Automatic shut-off at 100oC for safety
  • Has a water level indicator window for precise refilling to the required level


  • A bit expensive
  • It gets quite hot while in use since it lacks insulation
  • Water level indicator is hidden behind the handle hence difficult to see when holding the kettle


If you want a fashionable variable temperature kettle that comes with a keep-warm function and is ready to pay more, Smeg KLF04 might be your ideal pick. Besides being a fashionable appliance, the kettle also comes with other high-end features that make its performance impressive. If you want a more affordable variable temperature kettle with similar features, however, Sage Smart Kettle could be a better choice.

As far as good kettles go, the Smeg KLF03BLUK is the perfect example of a kitchen gadget that not only can add practicality and quality to your life but also heaps of style and ‘cool’ factor.