Salter Pyramid Kettle Review

The ‘Salter EK2649RG Pyramid Kettle, 1.7 Litre, 3000W, Rose Gold Edition’, to use the complete name of the product, is fast, efficient and very good-looking. The subtle rose gold trim set off against the smooth matte dark finish and pyramid shape of the kettle lend an elegant tone, while the function/performance of the kettle is fast and reliable.

Overview of the Salter Pyramid Kettle
This stylish pyramid kettle is an attractive and practical appliance that would look good in any kitchen. With rapid boil and swivel base, it is fast and easy to use. The view-through water tank lets you keep water levels under control, while the boil-dry sensor and automatic shut-off guarantee complete safety.

The energy consumption is 3000 Watt, and the kettle power switch remains lit up while it is in operation. The slightly bulging pyramid shape of the kettle is interesting, as are the rose gold accents complementing the sleek matte surface.

Key features
The main features of this practical yet elegant pyramid kettle include the powerful fast-boil function and the extreme ease of handling. The kettle delivers 3000 Watt of power along with a shut-off safety function if the water level should go too low, thus saving your kettle from unpleasant burn-out possibilities.

This is an important safety feature that automatically cuts in when there is any danger of the kettle running dry. The practical kettle filter is easily removed and can be washed under the tap. The kettle sits on a swivel base of 360 degrees so replacing the kettle on its base is just one smooth, easy motion. The glass panel on the side of the kettle is the water level indicator. You can see how much water is in the kettle at all times.

The maximum (1.7 litres) and minimum (0.6 litres) are indicated; intermediate measurements are 1.5 litres and 1 litre. The spout is stubby, practical, drip-free and it pours a treat. The rounded ergonomic handle gives ease of handling while the round lid comes off smoothly when you need to fill the kettle. The main on/off switch illuminates when on. The kettle’s heating element shuts off automatically when the water boils.

The Salter pyramid kettle is a good size, 25 x 22.5 x 31 cm, and it holds 1.7 litres of water, giving you that extra capacity to prepare up to seven cups of tea. It weighs in at 1.66 kg; the shipping weight is 1.7 kg. When the water temperature reaches boiling point, the automatic shut-off function cuts in.

Heat retention is prolonged after boiling. Controls are simple: there is one on/off switch. To check the water level, the glass indicator panel signals water levels of 1.7 litres, 1.5 litres, 1 litre and 0.6 litres, the minimum level. The kettle has a removable and washable filter and its swivel base turns 360 degrees. Power consumption is 3000 Watt.

What reviewers commented on (advantages and disadvantages)
Several reviewers awarded five stars to this elegant and handsome kettle. Indeed, the attractive look of the kettle was praised by many! Its slightly bulbous, pyramid shape puts it in a category somewhere between vintage and space-age!

The rounded handle, stubby spout and pyramid shape suggest retro, yet the overall look, dark with subtle rose gold trim, is sleek and businesslike. Many mentioned what a fine figure it cut in the kitchen! Other advantages listed by reviewers include the easy pouring spout and the ease of handling. One pointed out the absence of lime-scale accumulation and the long-lasting heat retention after the kettle had boiled. Many praised the kettle’s comfortable feel and ease of handling and the fact that it was easy to clean.

Many were impressed by its straight and stubby spout which guaranteed perfect pouring every time, no dribbles or drips at all. The only complaints were about the product being delivered with scratches or similar defects. In these cases, most manufacturers have an instant replacement policy for faulty goods.

The Rose Gold Collection
The Salter pyramid kettle is part of a limited edition of a range of small domestic appliances (kettle, toaster, blender/mixer) that follow traditional designs to lend a touch of chic to your kitchen while delivering up-to-the-minute technical innovation. Your breakfast has never been speedier: quick-boiling water, fast-popping toast, instant blended/mixed drinks. The star of this collection is, of course, the practical and stylish pyramid kettle: it deserves a place of honour in the kitchen.

In conclusion …
The Salter pyramid kettle delivers speedy performance, it pours nicely, it handles brilliantly and it is easy to clean. Above all, with its traditional design and dramatic rose gold trim on a dark matte surface, it is handsome and elegant. What more can we ask of a humble kettle? A cup of tea never looked so good!