Russell Hobbs Textures Plastic Kettle Review

Are you looking for a new kettle that fits into your home or workplace? Or have you been feeling a little bit tired of your old worn out kettle? A kettle is an essential appliance in the kitchen. Almost every household uses a kettle.
Whether it’s making coffee, black tea or any other herbal tea, there’s no need to limit yourself when you own a kettle.
With so many stylish kettles in the market nowadays, it will be quite time-consuming choosing one that suits you.
Manufacturers are constantly adding more features and creating better designs to make them more convenient and user-friendly.
Plenty of kettles are becoming popular, but today we will be looking at the plastic kettle, and not just any plastic kettle but the Russell Hobbs textures plastic kettle. Here are some few things you ought to know about this kettle before making a purchase.

Product overview

Russell Hobbs has a great reputation for making quality products and once again they have proved it by their plastic kettle. If you’re looking for a kettle that has both style and quality then Russell Hobbs textures plastic kettle is the perfect option.
This kettle combines a unique gloss finish to it with solid design features and functionality suitable for any type of home. With the rapid boil feature and a power level of 3kW, you can save energy and still get to enjoy a hot drink in under a minute. Furthermore, when it comes to colour, you can choose black or opt for white. Either way, this kettle will make your life more enjoyable and a little bit easier.


This 1.7litre capacity kettle is big enough to make up to six cups, making it perfect for family homes or the workplace. A perfect spout also comes in handy as it allows you to gently pour the water into a cup with fewer splashes on your work surface.
The greatest feature in this kettle is the removable washable filter. This filter is found in the spout and is particularly essential if you’re using hard water. The filter is easy to remove, clean and put back in without much fuss.
The kettle also has a push to open the lid and a soft handle that makes it more comfortable to use. When it comes to water level markings, the kettle is marked on both sides. This makes it suitable for both right and left-handed people to use it. Always check for a window underneath the handle and make sure the markings are visible during filling.

Additional features

This kettle has extra features that will prove useful in your day to day life whether directly or indirectly. For instance, it has an illuminated on and off switch that shows when the kettle is running. It also has a 360 degree base for easier movement. A 360-degree base means you can replace the kettle on the base in each direction. It also has cord storage meaning you don’t have to worry about space anymore as you can easily put it away. Like most models, this kettle has a concealed heating element that makes it easier to clean. All these features are incorporated to make your life easy. So, take this chance and buy a Russell Hobbs textures plastic kettle.


The main advantage of this kettle is its price. Unlike glass or stainless steel kettles, this kettle is very affordable. It’s the most suitable choice if working on a budget, meaning you can save some money and still enjoy a hot cup of tea comfortably.
It is also lighter and easy to carry, unlike heavy glass kettles. You can carry them anywhere without having to worry about accidental falls. Another benefit of this plastic kettle is that it keeps water warm for longer and has a cooler exterior unlike the glass and stainless steel kettles.


The main concern on owning a plastic kettle is the health hazard it may cause. People are becoming more and more sceptical about using items made of plastic material. The reason being the various research studies done over the years that prove plastic does more harm than good.

When it comes to the plastic kettle, latest scientific studies show that most of the plastic contains BPA that can leak out of the plastic while boiling water. However, manufacturers claim that their products are BPA free.

These are the universal concerns of plastic kettles. It’s only natural for each consumer to have a different view on the product but Russell Hobbs textures plastic kettle is a helpful appliance. There is no such thing as a perfect kettle so make a decision depending on your needs and budget.