Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster Review

Everybody loves toast in the morning – or at any time of the day for that matter – so the Textures 2-Slice toaster from iconic kitchen appliance brand Russell Hobbs is sure to be very popular indeed. With a more than adequate power rating of 1000 watts, it’s an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable, compact, and efficient toaster.

Encased in sturdy plastic and available in black or white, the Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster has all the controls necessary to prepare toast according to your preferences. These include the classic plunger lever found on many toasters, frozen, cancel and reheat functions, and a variable browning control to enable the user to specify the extent to which their bread is toasted. This last feature also facilitates preparation of partially defrosted bread, handy if the bread you wish to toast is not quite frozen enough to necessitate the aforementioned frozen function. 

Additionally, a wide heating element enables the user to easily toast slices of bread from most loaf sizes. It is also possible to prepare toast using larger loafs by rotating the slice during cooking, however this must be undertaken carefully using a wooded utensil in order to ensure that safety is maintained. 

To enjoy optimal use of your toaster, it is recommended that care is taken to ensure that it is kept clean and free of the residual toast debris which is an inevitable consequence of the toasting process. 

To assist you in this, the Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster features an easily removable crumb tray. Although we did not use the toaster for long enough for a substantial amount of debris to build up, we were able to test this feature and found the tray itself to be well-built. 

As a trusted family brand, Russell Hobbs offer an extended one year warranty on all their products, including the Textures 2-Slice Toaster. All you need to do in order to take advantage of this is to register your toaster with Russell Hobbs within 28 days of purchase. You will then be able to return your Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster for repair or replacement in the unlikely event that it malfunctions due to reasonable normal use during this one year period. 

For a relatively inexpensive appliance, the level of build quality and performance Russell Hobbs have been able to achieve with the Textures 2-Slice Toaster really is remarkable. During use we noticed that toast cold be prepared surprisingly quickly, with almost no instances of over browning. 

We found the controls to be highly intuitive, and the plunger lever for lowering the bread functioned smoothly. Crucially, the pop-up feature works flawlessly, making an audible noise so that the user is aware that toasting is complete. After all, there’s nothing worse than not realising that your toast is ready until after it has gone cold! 

While not suitable for commercial kitchens, the Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster would fit in perfectly in a modern hotel suite or B&B room for the use of guests. The styling is both modern and classic, and the monochrome colour scheme of black or white will fit in comfortably with most decor styles. 

Although perfect for single people, couples, and small families, the Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster won’t be ideal for everyone. Larger families would be well-advised to opt for the 4-slice version instead, and the cautious might prefer to seek out a model which includes the cool-touch feature which the Russell Hobbs Textures 2-Slice Toaster lacks. 

Minor quibbles aside, offering great value for money, solid build quality, and decent functionality, this really is an ideal basic small toaster for most applications.