Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle Review

Modern electrical appliances are part of a comfortable home. They give a touch of style to every user’s house. Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle is one of the appliances that not only adds style to your kitchen but one you feel safe using.

Overview of the product

It comes with a modern black colour finish. When boiling, the blue window glows and gloriously illuminates light. It fits so well in the kitchen with its 360° base it can’t fall or cause an accident while boiling.

It has a rapid boil function that boils a cup in a maximum of 45 seconds!! Its full capacity is 1.7 litres of water and is quick to boil. It is big enough to make six cups at a go! It’s made with stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust or drinking contaminated water.

If the filter gets dirty, remove and clean it to keep your water clean and free from particles.


It has a side water gauge that guides you on the maximum and minimum water level. Avoid filling it with excess water to avoid spillage and too little water to increase its longevity. While filling press the lid lock to open the lid and press it down when closing it the boil, filling it is as simple as that.

When it’s filled with enough water, it’s time to switch it on. Be sure to place the stand on a stable level surface. Plug in the stand to the socket and put the switch on. The kettle will glow to indicate its boiling. Russell Hobbs mode kettle is so user-friendly that kids over eight years can comfortably use it.

This kettle boils quietly. You should not worry about possible accidents in your home. If you get preoccupied and forget that you were boiling, don’t rush to the kitchen, the kettle switches off automatically after boiling.

The Russell Hobbs Mode kettle has an easy pour spout, so no drips on the kitchen surface. If you live in a hard water area and are afraid of scum, worry not. The kettle is easy to descale plus its removable and washable limescale filter makes it perfect.

The kettle is cost-effective and can fit any budget. It is durable. You can use it for years as long as you take the appropriate care.

It has variable temperatures settings ranging from 60 to 70 degrees celsius. It lets you set the optimal temperatures for every hot drink you want to make.

If you despise kettles due to the constant metallic taste, try this one, and that phase is over. You may sense a metallic or plastic at first, but after a few flushes, it’s gone and forgotten.

Russell Hobbs Mode kettle is made of plastic material on the outside. Its sides do not get hot, so you don’t need to worry about burning your hands.


Most people who have reviewed Russell Hobbs Mode kettle have mentioned the same advantages. They are recurring in almost every review. They include:

• It can keep your drink warm for up to thirty minutes.
• It has a detachable, washable filter to keep water free from bits.
• It is lightweight and can be easily used by kids and left-handed people.
• It has a concealed heating element.
• Its cord can be secured at the base making your kitchen worktop neat.
• It switches its self-off when water boils, you don’t have to wait in the kitchen.
• It’s cost-effective for its size and the light-up feature.
• It has a big capacity and can boil water for the whole family.
• Its rapid boil feature makes it double reliable.
• It boils quietly and does filtering and boiling simultaneously.
• Its blue and black lights make it look modern and stylish.
• It comes with a two-year warranty in case of spoilage.


• Disadvantages are not many/ recurring since each customer may have had a different experience.
• In case of a broken lead, the kettle is rendered unusable.
• Boiled water may have a metallic or plastic taste that may take longer to disappear.
• It does not always need wastewater to high temperatures so your drink may cool down.


Having an electric kettle has a lot going for them. They are energy efficient and quick to heat water. Get a new model that can control water temperature and shuts off automatically. Russell Hobbs Mode kettle is that kettle that every feature you would love in a kettle. It is cost-effective and worth buying.

The kettle has an A energy rating of 3Kw which is not heavy on power. The element of the kettle is located in the base of the kettle. Its electric cord is approximately one meter long.