Russell Hobbs Luna Two Slice Toaster Review

Bread and bagels are a routine breakfast for most families. Toasting them makes breakfast even better. The Russell Hobbs Luna Two Slice Toaster is a very good choice to help you achieve this goal. This toaster is arguably one of the best toaster brands in the market. After carrying out tests after tests, with slices of bread from different brands of bread, the end result was always the same; an even toast with both sides evenly browned. Here is a review of this amazing toaster.

Key Features 

1. Fast toast technology 

The Russell Hobbs Luna Two Slice Toaster is equipped with fast toast technology that enables the user to get an even toast within approximately two minutes. Gone are the days of waiting impatiently for your morning toast while using the Russell Hobbs toaster. 

2. The lift and look feature 

This toaster is also equipped with the lift and look feature which enables you to check the progress of your toast mid-cycle, without cancelling the cycle. When you press a single button on the toaster, the slices are lifted up for a few seconds, giving you time to examine the toast, before it lowers back into the toaster for the cycle to finish. 

3. Extra-wide slots 

This toaster also has extra wide slots which means that even thick slices which have been cut by hand can also be toasted to your own preferences. These extra wide slots are also wide enough to allow for a bagel. So with this toaster, you are able to prepare a nice warm bagel. 

4. The cancel, reheat and defrost feature 

With this toaster, you are able to cancel, reheat or defrost at the touch of a button. The cancel button ends the toasting cycle at your own point of satisfaction. With the defrost feature, this toaster does an outstanding job in toasting frozen bread to a point where the sides are evenly browned. The reheat option allows you to reheat your toast comfortably without the worry that you toast may get burnt. 

5. Removable crumb tray 

The Russell Hobbs Luna Two Slice toaster has a removable crumb tray which makes cleaning easy. The toaster also has an integrated cord storage. This feature helps in maintaining the tidiness of your kitchen. 

6. High lift mechanism 

The toaster also has a high lift mechanism which makes it easy for the user to obtain the bread after the toasting cycle is complete. The push-up handle makes it easy for the user to grab the hot bread. 


1. It is affordable- Has an affordable price. You do not have to dig deep into your pockets to afford this particular toaster. 
2. The toaster comes with a one year warranty. This happens once you register the toaster with Russell Hobbs. You can also take out an extra extended warranty that covers breakdown and accidental damage for a period of two years. You, however, have to pay for it. 
3. The toaster is very easy to use. Cleaning it is also quite easy. 


1. Although the Russell Hobbs Luna Two-Slice Toaster has wide enough slots to allow for a bagel and can actually make a decent bagel, this toaster lacks a bagel feature, specifically meant for preparing a bagel. 

2. Another feature which is lacking in this toaster is the ability to regulate the level of browning on the toasted bread. People usually have different preferences with regard to how brown they like their toasts. Some prefer their toasts to be dark brown. Without this browning regulation feature, most of these people‚Äôs preferences are not met. 

3. Another issue with this toaster is that when preparing numerous slices of toast one after the other, the toaster gets hotter and hotter resulting in the burning of the ones prepared at a later stage, even when the toaster settings have not been altered. This can, however, be reduced at low setting.