Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle Review

The brand name of this device is the Russell Hobbs. Its weight ranges from 1.3kgs to 2.0kgs, which is pretty light than the average kettle. It has a length of about 22.5cm, a width of 15.8cm and a height of 24.5cm. As you may have seen from our other reviews of Russell Hobbs kettles, there is a surprising amount of variation in the size of kettles produced by the brand.

The maximum amount of power this kettle uses is 3000 watts and is made of stainless steel and plastic.

The Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle is among the best-selling smart device in the market today. It comes in enchanting colors that light up your kitchen. The kettle is pretty quiet, looks very classy and it does not consume as much power as regular kettles.

Among its delightful features are:

The kettle has a rapid boil zone technology that heats your water to a hundred degrees. It boils one cup of 235ml in 45 seconds. This kettle uses 1500W of power to boil up to seven cups of water in the shortest time possible, saving up to 66 percent energy. The power used usually depends on the type of kettle you decide to pick, as Russel Hobbs spoils its customers with options to choose from.

Many kettles in the market are practically not washable; hence, they end up rusting inside or getting stained by scum in the water. The Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle has a removable filter that allows you to remove the filter, wash it clean then you put it back in the kettle.

Too much water or too little water in the kettle while boiling leads to damaging the heating systems. This electric kettle comes with an illuminated water window with marking points that will allow you to see how much water you have in the saucepan. It has a capacity of holding up to 1.7 liters of water.

One feature that makes this element very interesting is that it is quiet. A loud device can be very annoying, but the Russell Hobbs Luna Boil Electric Kettle is very silent and only alert you using a light indicator making it 70% quieter than the average kettle.

That brings us to another feature: it has a power indicator. The power indicator notifies you when it is boiling water, and when it is done. It has a concealed water heating element that employs heating elements that are hidden in the architecture of the kettle. The kettle is cordless and has a 3600 base for cord storage.

The best part of this kettle is that it has a perfect pour water spout that will prevent you from spilling your water while pouring it out. The kettle automatically switches off when it has reached the maximum heating point. If you do not want your water to be so hot, you can switch the kettle off before it reaches its heating point.

The kettle itself has an outstanding reputation in the market. Users are very impressed with the different shades of colors and external designs it comes in. It is very classy and beautiful, plus it boils water. The kettle comes in two materials, stainless steel, and plastic which is very efficient because some people cannot afford the stainless ones.

It is very time efficient as it is easy to fill, boils water fast and pours out without dripping. The 360’ cord storage under the kettle is very useful as it reduces the damages caused on the cord. The average kettle cord tends to wear out over a long time; hence, you will have to replace the power cable. The 3600 cord alignment assures this does not happen. Every buyer also gets a one year warranty on the kettle after buying it, if the device does not work as you want or if it did not reach your expectations. Some kettles from Russell Hobbs offer free delivery to all UK orders.

The few issues have been brought to light are, firstly the kettle is not as quiet as the manufacturing company says it is. Well, it is not too loud, but it is a little overrated. The top of the lid needs a little push to open up fully because the button on the side does not work as expected. This might lead to you getting burned by the steam from the kettle while pouring out the water.

The kettles with a plastic interior build tend to leave a plastic taste in the water after boiling, but a solution to this has been found, you rinse the kettle out with baking powder or soapy water a few times before using it.
Every device has its benefits and non-benefits; this device is very efficient for smart homes as it is very efficient and affordable.