Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster Review

The main body of the 1800-watt Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster (Model Number: 24381) is made of a high-gloss, textured plastic which has been created with a rippling effect.

The advantage of plastic is that it avoids the toaster transferring heat when it is in use. Available in 3 colours (black, red or white), it will look attractive and fit in well with all kitchens – whatever their colour scheme.

The colour of its external casing contrasts with the shiny chrome finish on the top, bottom edging and along the surround of the toaster’s controls. Made of hard-wearing stainless steel, this metallic look will not only give a stylish look to any kitchen, but will also be extremely easy to clean. 

Measuring 240 x 345 x 340 mm, the toaster can fit comfortably on most kitchen counters. Its lightweight construction (weighing 2.73 kg) makes it easy to move it forward for more convenient use and then to move it out of the way when breakfast is over. This is helped by its 75-centimetre white power cable which means it does not have to be placed next to a power source. The toaster is also raised slightly on four feet. This ensures stability and avoids heat causing damage to any sensitive kitchen surface tops. 

The toaster has 4 slots so it can make hectic breakfast time easier as you can toast bread for more than one person. If only 2 slices are needed, however, these should be placed in the left-hand slots as the right-hand ones will not heat up. This economy-saving feature can save you money on your energy bills. 

Although the Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster does not have a specific bagel setting, its slots are wide and deep enough to accommodate most brands of sliced bread as well as crumpets and tea cakes. The generously-sized slots (measuring 14 x 4 x 11 cm) ensure that the bread browns evenly all over. There is, therefore, no need to remove bread and turn it around to achieve uniform toasting. 

The toaster possesses a unique high-lift feature. This convenient facility makes it easier to safely remove foodstuffs without burning your fingers. This is especially useful for smaller toasted items. 

Centrally-located at the front of the toaster, there is a manually-operated dial with 6 settings which permits you to choose the amount of browning you require according to your personal preference. If you wish to check on the toast, a look and lift lever allows you to do so without having to start the toasting cycle from the beginning and risk burning the toast. There are two separate levers which correspond with the right- and left-hand slots. 

Above the variable browning dial, there are 3 buttons which are softly illuminated by a blue LED light when the toaster is in use. Although the toaster does not have an auto shut off feature, the top button allows you to cancel the toasting cycle at any time. Below this, the defrost button gives you the ability to toast bread directly from the freezer, thereby saving valuable time. The bottom button enables you to reheat toast which has cooled down on hectic mornings when everyone is rushing to get ready. 

Below the toaster there are crumb trays below each of the slots. These can conveniently be removed for easy washing so you can avoid a build-up of crumbs which attracts household pests. 

Set up in 1952, the Russell Hobbs company has years of experience in supplying British households with well-made and innovative small domestic appliances. The Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster is worth buying and comes with an instruction manual and a 2-year guarantee.