Russell Hobbs Inspire Electric Kettle Review

Looking for a way to add a touch of class to your kitchen? Then look no more. The Russell Hobbs 24360 Inspire Kettle is your go-to product if you are in the market to look for a classy kettle at affordable price ranges. The product does not only look good, but it also delivers just as much. Here, you can find a review of the product after testing it, accompanying it with analysis of some of the user reviews to assist you make your personal choice on your next step in acquiring a classy kettle to complement your kitchen.

Product overview

The kettle comes in a textured body made of chrome accents, striking white in colour. It has a capacity of boiling a cup in an instant 45 seconds. The noise levels while boiling are controlled to a minimum. Some of the key features of the Russell Hobbs 24360 include an anti-lime scale, removable water filter and an easy-to-fill spout among other features explained in detail below.

Product features

An easy to view water window. This window has a blue illumination when the water in the kettle is boiling. This feature is very important because a user is able to know if the kettle is boiling something or not.
It comes with a removable and washable anti-lime scale filter, which functions to trap any instances of impurities in the water.
The 360 degrees base comes with a cord storage, which reduces the bulkiness of the kettle. It saves on space on your kitchen counter to create room for other kitchen appliances.
A 3000W premium class textured design covering the outer casing of the kettle, which are complemented by chrome accents. The chrome accents are sleekly designed, which give the kettle an amazingly stylish exterior finishing. Furthermore, the power rating on the cable is professionally rated to save on the energy consume while boiling water.
An easy to lift off lid with an easy to pour spout for a streamlined pour from the kettle to the cup. This ensures that there is no spillage on the kitchen counter or dining table top and giving a user extra chores.
The fast boiling pace of 45 seconds makes it an ideal kettle for users with very busy schedules because it boils water in 45 seconds, boiling a single cup versus 1Litre. Ideal for the morning rush because users can plan their schedules knowing they have a dependable kettle.
It comes with a 2year guarantee. This guarantee can be extended with an additional one year if a user chooses to register with the product manufacturer online.

Product specifications

The Russell Hobbs Inspire Electric Kettle is manufactured by Spectrum Brands, UK Ltd with a reference ID of 24360.

Dimensions: 15.8cm x 23.5cm x 26.7cm.
Boxed product weight: 1.59 kg.
Capacity: 1.7litres.

Product ratings

Instructions: 5/5
Performance: 4.2/5
Design: 5/5
Ease of use: 4.3/5
The overall rating is 4.6/5, means that the product is reliable, energy efficient, environment friendly and durable. This makes the Russell Hobbs 24360 kettle a desirable choice.
Apart from these features, at also includes additional controls such as concealed element, circular base, auto-switch off function and a boil-dry protection.


The kettle comes with a comfortable handle that is friendly to a user’s hands
It is easy to fill because the filling spout is specially designed to allow for easy filling by a user.
It has a boil-dry protection, which makes this kettle a lot more desirable. The feature is vital because it enables the kettle to automatically switch itself off when the water has reached its boiling point.
There is a range of choice of colours. It does not only come in white but users can find their desired kettles ranging from white, red, gold and black.
The washable anti-lime scale is easy to remove to enable cleaning of the element.
The on and off switch on the kettle illuminates when the kettle is in use.


The chrome accents at the exterior of the kettle is ridged, thus making the cleaning process of the kettle a bit tedious.
There is some shaking when the kettle is in use.
The water gauge is hidden behind the kettle handle. This makes it difficult for a user to correctly check the water level when filling the kettle.


After the analysis of a sample of user reviews, it is evident that there is a recurring issue with the product. Even though users have developed a liking for the large cup marker that is located inside the kettle, it is annoying because it keeps moving and a user is forced to get a hand inside to manually push the cup to fix it in the correct position.