Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle Review

Imagine enjoying a lovely mug of tea that’s brewed perfectly in a beautiful kettle that you’ll love displaying in your kitchen. It’s easy when you have the Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle. This beautiful kettle has a blue illuminating light inside that works as the water boils and the glass design lets you watch the magic happen. The size is ideal for one mug of your favourite hot drink and the modern and eye-catching look ensures that all of your visitors will want one just like it. With a hidden and removable heating element that’s speedy and efficient, you’ll never have to wait around waiting for your water to boil.


At 1.7 litres, this kettle works for making several cups of tea, but you can also customize it to brew one mug at a time. This energy-saving feature means you can enjoy as many hot drinks as you want, up to six at a time. You’ll love using this kettle when you’re home alone as well as when you entertain guests. Brewing just one cup at a time saves up to 66 per cent of the energy and that’s something you can feel good about.

Glass Design

Not only is the glass design of this kettle attractive and pleasing to the eye, but it also makes it simple to see if your water is boiling with just a glance. There’s also a blue light inside that lets you know when the water is boiling so you can grab your mug and your tea bag at precisely the right moment. The lovely look of this kettle makes it easy to pair with just about any colour scheme or decor in your kitchen.

Perfect Pour Technology

It’s always frustrating when some of the water splashes onto your hands, the counter or the table as you pour your water. With this kettle’s perfect pour technology, you get a single stream of hot water that eliminates splashes and drips, ensuring that you don’t lose any of the water you need to make your tea.

360 Degree Base

Whether you’re left or right-handed, you’ll love how easy this kettle is to use. The base is 360 degrees so you can place it whichever direction is easiest for you to hold. No more awkward pours! The base is also a handy place to store the kettle’s cord when you aren’t using it.

Removable and Washable Filter

Nothing is worse than getting ready to enjoy your afternoon tea only to find out that your filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, when you choose this Russell Hobbs kettle, you can simply remove the filter and wash it with warm, soapy water before replacing it. Then go ahead and make your water as usual. Easy, right?


Choosing this kettle means plenty of those little extras that make it so special to use. If you’re comparing models, the following specifications are handy to know about so you can make the choice that makes the most sense to you.

● Made from glass materials with a black frame and brushed metal accents

● Blue illuminating light to alert you when the water is ready

● Lightweight at only 1.2 kg

● 3,000 watt heating element for fast boiling

● 15 x 24 x 23.5 cm dimensions


Weighing the pros and cons of a specific kettle is an easy way to find the one that works best for you. Here are some of the top advantages to this Russell Hobbs kettle:

● Brews water quickly

● Makes as many cups as you want, one to six

● Doesn’t leak when pouring

● Easy to match to your kitchen

● Glass walls allow you to see when the kettle needs to be descaled

● Handle that is cool to the touch

● Simple to clean with the Russell Hobbs descaling products


As with any product, there are a few disadvantages reported by users when it comes to this kettle. You’ll have to decide if they’re something you can live with or not. Here they are:

● Condensation sometimes remains in the kettle after pouring

● Sometimes the lid gets a bit stuck

● Needs to be descaled often

● The lid sometimes leaks

● The glass can crack if it gets too hot

A kettle is nice to have if you’re a tea drinker. Finding the right one is an integral part of fully enjoying every mug of tea your brew. There’s plenty to love about this attractive and functional kettle and we recommend giving it a try. Despite some of the drawbacks, it works well, looks nice and makes it fast and easy to brew up to six mugs of hot water at a time.