Russell Hobbs Eclipse 4 Slice Toaster Review

A slice of bread is a staple for many households when it comes to breakfast. Whether you like applying butter, jam or other toppings, a crunchy toast makes an excellent start for the day. As such, the toaster has become an invaluable kitchen appliance in every household.

Manufacturers are hard-pressed to provide toasters that are not only functional but convenient to the end-user. Russell Hobbs is one such manufacturer who has stood the test of time, having operated in this market for over 60 years.

The manufacturer provides 2-slice and 4-slice models, which come in different finishes and colours to help homeowners match the kitchen décor. The Russell Hobbs Eclipse 4 Slice Toaster is a favourite in many homes due to its elegant finish and functionality. The next text provides a detailed overview of this toaster.

Stylish Finish 

Its polished, classic look is the most attractive feature about the toaster. Russell Hobbs uses a distinctive style that depicts the Eclipse effect that occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned. It explains the unique blend of a shade, forming a copper ombre effect. This feature makes the Eclipse 4 slice toaster stand out from the rest. 

Reheat, Defrost and Cancel Functions 

The toaster is equipped with all these functions to meet the different toasting habits of a family. The reheat button is designed to heat a cold toast for a minute while the defrost setting is designed to toast frozen bread. What’s more, the defrost mode cooks stale bread by switching to a standard toasting setting. The quality of the toast made from stale bread is the same as that made from a fresh loaf of bread. The toaster also has a cancel setting to allow you to interrupt toasting when it is convenient or when you want to try different toasting degrees. The feature also comes in handy in case you have entered the wrong cooking time or dialled an incorrect setting. If preparing toast for kids, you can increase the toasting degree in specific areas. This creates interesting lines of pattern on the toast. 

Extra wide Slots 

The toaster is equipped with four slots, which save time for a large family during an early morning rush. Additionally, its slots are extremely wide to allow users to toast a variety of items, such as teacakes, bagels, thick slices of bread and crumpets. They are also pretty deep to cater to users who want to toast oblong bread. This feature does not compromise on how the items toast. The toaster has a unique mechanism that maintains adequate distance between the heating elements and the surface of the bread for even distribution of heat. Additionally, the automatic centring feature ensures the slice toasts on both sides regardless of the initial placement and its thickness. You will also love the independent variable browning feature for every two slots, which allows you to toast your bread and somebody else’s to their individual preferences. 

Fast-Toasting Technology 

You don’t want to wait for thirty minutes toasting bread for the entire family during an early morning rush. The Russell Hobbs Eclipse 4 Slice Toaster boasts a 55% fast toasting technology that ensures your toast is ready within a few minutes. 

Variable Browning Control 

This handy feature enables the user to adjust the level of browning to his choice. Russell Hobbs Eclipse 4 Slice Toaster provides six options to allow you to meet all your family’s preferences. The toasts form a consistent browning regardless of the option you choose. Its lift and look function enable you to examine the appearance of the toast without the need of restarting or cancelling the cycle. 

Crumbs Tray 

You don’t want to waste time cleaning the countertop on a busy morning. This toaster is fitted with a crumbs tray at the bottom to simplify the collection of bread crumbs. There is a tray at the rear of the toaster for each pair of slots.