Russell Hobbs Dorchester Kettle Review


This red stainless steel kettle with black plastic accents from top brand Russell Hobbs will impress your family and guests with its elegant design and handy features, that includes a rapid boiling zone, a 360° accessible base, and a perfect pour spout to eliminate spillages. You can even match this kettle up with the Dorchester 2-slice toaster and Solo microwave to ensure that you have a well thought out and complimentary kitchen.

This kettle is sexy, tasteful, has plenty of safety and usability features, and boils water in a flash, which in the end means that users have a kettle that is exceptional value for money with all the traits desired for that perfect hot drink. All in all, a well thought out design at a great price that looks amazing in the home or office too!


This is a lightweight kettle from renowned British manufacturer Russell Hobbs, so you already know that you are buying an excellent quality product. With a sleek and stylish red stainless steel design with black plastic accents, the Dorchester kettle will add a touch of class to your kitchen or workplace, especially if you complete the look with the matching Dorchester Solo microwave and 2-slice toaster.

There are ample features included in the Dorchester kettle that will add to your user experience, such as a useful drip-stop on the spout that eliminates messy spillages when pouring, so this is a very useful safety point. A concealed heating element adds to its already great look, and an internal water indicator will help users with water filling levels. The generous 1.7L capacity is large enough to boil water for 7 cups, and with a rapid boil zone that denotes 1/2/3 cup levels for you, it can boil enough water for a maximum of 3 cups in 45 seconds – perfect for a quick brew when you are in a rush!

The Dorchester kettle has a removable and washable water filter in the spout that is easy to take out and clean, so you can keep your kettle fresh and clean. The power cord is a generous length, at 61cm, but any excess cord can be stored within the 360° base, meaning your worktop will not look untidy and user access to the kettle is easy as it can rotate around fully on the base.


Model: RU-20092
Dimensions: H21.7 X L22.5 X W15.5cm
Capacity: 1.7L
Power: 3000w
Weight: 990g
Power cord: 61cm length for ease
360° base allows convenient user placement of kettle
Integrated cord storage keeps power cord out the way
Rapid boil zone for 1 -3 cups for fast brew making
Concealed heating element adds to stylish looks
Internal water indicator for user guidance
Easy pour spout to eliminate mess
Removable, washable filter for cleanliness

Pros and Cons

The lightweight and contemporary build of this Russell Hobbs Dorchester kettle looks fantastic in red stainless steel and would fit in really well in pretty much any kitchen or even office space. The kettle is large enough for normal usage with its ample 1.7L capacity. The fast-boiling claim of boiling tepid or room temperature water in around 45 seconds is pretty accurate, which makes having a swift cuppa a pleasure, not a chore.

The anti-drip design of the water spout is great and very efficient and stops just about all of the normal drippage you would expect from a kettle. It is also good to be able to store away any excess power cord, which is generously long in itself, so your kitchen top does not have to look unsightly. The kettle is also very light to pick up, and the kettle fully rotates around in a circle on its own base, so these features make handling easy and convenient for the user.

No external water gauge may put some users off, however, it is a small detail that is hardly a make-or-break factor, especially when you consider the fast boil-time and other points in its favour. Another bugbear is the fact that there is no power-on indicator light, which a lot of customers would probably want. However, you do get what you pay for with this kettle, so while a few design features are not included, the points that are built into the Dorchester kettle work perfectly fine, and therefore make this appliance worth what you pay for it.

There is a future option available to users of being able to buy a matching Dorchester 2-slice toaster and a Dorchester Manual Solo microwave as well, so you can have all three important kitchen appliances in the same style and colour so that they will all match up beautifully.