Russell Hobbs Dorchester 2-Slice Toaster Review

The Dorchester Two-Slice Toaster from Russell Hobbs is ideal for a small family, singles or couples. Offering Russell Hobbs’s tried and tested durability and quality standards, the toaster comes in a range of colours: from red, cream, stainless steel and a beautiful shiny black which looks great in any kitchen setting.

The sleek design is compact, with the toaster taking up very little space, while remaining easily able to do the job of toasting bread to crisp browned perfection. The design style has a faintly retro air, that will blend well with most décor styles. The shiny finish looks clean and polished, wiping clean very easily after use.

The appliance offers everything that might be expected from a toaster. The toasting controls are intuitive and easy to set, offering precise control over the exact shade of browning that is achieved thanks to the careful gradations.

Not only does the Dorchester Two-Slice Toaster offer a defrost function to allow you to make your lunch-time sandwiches in a hurry, but it can toast your bread from frozen to perfect warm and golden toast in just a few minutes. If your unbuttered toast has cooled down, you can pop it back into the toaster and make use of the reheat function.

NB: Do not be tempted to try and reheat buttered toast – the butter will melt and run into the elements, potentially causing a fire! The final control is the cancel button which stops the toasting function and releases the catch that raises the bread so you can retrieve your toast. This is handy if family members adjust the settings without you noticing and you suddenly notice that your toast is about to burn.

A handy removable crumb tray is fitted underneath the slots, and this allows you to empty the debris out of the toaster without making a big mess on your kitchen counters and floor. The crumb tray should be emptied frequently, and given a quick wash or a wipe before it is slotted back into place before you next use the toaster.

The toasting slots are beautifully chunky, measuring over an inch wide which means that they are perfect for bagels, crumpets, baguette slices and even hand-cut doorstop slices of your favourite bread. The slots are five inches wide and four inches deep, which is more than enough for standard slices of bread.

One thing that does set this sturdy little toaster apart from other basic toasters is the high-lift feature. This can be a huge help when retrieving toast from the toaster, as it allows (as the name implies) the toasting slot to be lifted, presenting more of the toast to your grip, or to allow you to use a plastic pair of tongs to lift out your fresh hot toast. The toaster also features an easy-to-use lever that will help physically impaired people to operate it easily and without frustration.

The manufacturer is so confident in the sturdiness of their toaster that they offer a two-year guarantee on the appliance, meaning that customers have peace of mind that they will not end up out of pocket.

This elegant sturdy and compact little toaster is the ideal addition to any kitchen, no matter how big or small. It takes up very little room, which is a bonus with modern, space-hungry kitchens bristling with all the mod-cons and appliances that one could desire, and works tirelessly, producing slice after slice of perfectly toasted bread. This bijou toaster would make a perfect house-warming gift or wedding present for a young couple just setting up together.