Russell Hobbs BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle Review

If you are looking for a kitchen gadget that fulfils an everyday need whilst containing cutting edge elements and a slightly futuristic design, then this Russell Hobbs BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle is definitely one to consider.

It’s manufactured from premium glass and finished to the most durable and high-quality standards possible. With classic Russell Hobbs quality and a combination of integral BRITA water filter technology, this is the kind of kettle that should be considered as a leader in the kind of appliances that modern kitchens should be home to.

Quick Feature Showcase

● The kettle boasts a 1.5 litre capacity, complete with BRITA filtration to ensure the highest quality of water-based beverages possible.

● The filter and boil technology have been refined in such a way to focus on all-important boil time and efficiency. This particular kettle has been noted and celebrated for the speed it moves water from room temperature to boiling.

● The quick boiling time means that it is a more energy-efficient choice than other brands and models. The faster the water boils, the less time you are relying on an energy spike.

● In keeping with the forward direction of modern kettle, the Russell Hobbs 20760-10 produces noise levels on the lower side of the spectrum.

A More Detailed Look

● Better Tasting Tea And Coffee

Thanks to the state of the art BRITA filtration system installed, this kettle really does provide an excellent tasting water for the hot beverage of your choice. The water filter helps to reduce levels of chlorine and limescale, and it also permanently absorbs any lead and copper that could be present from the tap that the water has originally come from.

Whilst not necessarily very dangerous in the quantities present, these chemicals can over time definitely leave a residue in a normal kettle that will begin to add a bad or ‘off’ taste to your drinks. Thankfully, the BRITA filter means that this isn’t something you have to worry about with the Russell Hobbs 20760-10.

● Cartridge Replacement Reminder

The filtration system can only continue to work if you make sure to stay up to date with the lifespan and health of the kettle’s cartridge. Something that is particularly helpful and beneficial with the 20760-10 is that it contains a built-in indicator that will remind the owner when it is time to change the filter cartridge. Another great positive, there is already one extra free BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge included in the box upon purchase.

● Style and Practicality

This is the kind of kettle whose makers are aware that style is just as important as substance these days when it comes to kitchen gadgetry. The 3KW of fast power provides a rapid boil experience which means that you will never have to wait very long for a full, steaming kettle. Something that is particularly noteworthy on the other end of the spectrum is that the kettle features a special ‘1 cup’ mode that can help it to be even more energy efficient when just making a brew for yourself.

Sitting on a 360-degree base, the usability of the kettle is second to none. You don’t have to find a certain spot for connectivity from kettle to base. Anywhere you place it down is correct which is can be very useful when carrying it full, heavy capacity.

The design of the lip is especially impressive, with a ‘Perfect Pour’ promise that ensures the water will flow into your desired cup or container without also wetting your kitchen surfaces.

In terms of style, the kettle’s most visually pleasing feature is the blue light that comes on to indicate that a boil is underway. This is purely an aesthetic feature, but it gives a pleasingly modern and futuristic look to the water inside the kettle.


The specific dimensions and details of the Russell Hobbs 20760-10 are as follows:

● Colour – Transparent

● Item Weight – 1.43kg

● Dimensions – 15 x 21.8 x 23.8cm

● Capacity – 1.5 ltrs

● Volume Capacity – 1.5 ltrs

● Power/Wattage – 3000 watts

● Material – Glass

As already discussed, the kettle features a water filtration system, a 360-degree base design, blue illumination upon boil, premium glass body with polished accents and cord storage.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The key advantages of this particular kettle can be identified in the pleasing modern design, the efficient boiling times, the easy to use practical design of the body, and the helpful cartridge replacement indicator so you know when the BRITA filter is no longer effective.

If any disadvantages were to be highlighted, they would probably be the fact that glass can very easily be broken in a kitchen gadget that owners are likely to be carrying filled with water, and the fact that the kettle does not possess an auto-shutoff feature in case of electrical emergencies.