Russell Hobbs Adventure Two Slice Toaster Review

Russell Hobbs Adventure 2 Slice Toaster gets its inspiration from the adventure ships of the past. It features a brushed, polished stainless steel body with several black accents that make it a stylish addition to the kitchen. The toaster browns your bread perfectly, giving it a sweet crusty taste. Read on to know the exciting features of the toaster and how to use it.

Features of the Russell Hobbs Adventure Two Slice Toaster: 

• Variable toasting technology: The toaster allows you to control the level of browning on your bread through an easy to use setting. 
• Removable crumbs tray: Enables you to clean your toaster with ease after use by just removing the tray. 
• Lift and lock feature: This feature allows you to check the browning of your slices without having to cancel the process. You can decide to continue with the process or cancel it, depending on the desired browning. 
• Cancel function: You can cancel the toasting process by a click of a button 
• Frozen bread function: Lets you defrost your bread on the go and start toasting it without using any other appliance. 
• Bun warmer function: Lets you rewarm your bread to make make it taster and crunchier. 


• It has easy to use settings that allow you to set up the toaster and get desired results 
• The brushed steel outer is durable and matches your kitchen decor and style 
• The lift and lock feature saves you the time you would have spent on cancelling lifting and restarting the cycle if your bread is not done. 
• It comes with illuminated buttons that enable you to determine what is happening from a distance thereby, allowing you to handle other chores as you toast your bread. 


• The instruction manual is not detailed enough for the first time users 
• It sometimes toasts the bread inconsistently with one side getting browner than the other especially if you are using just one slot. 
• You may get uneven browning if you defrost and toast slices on a single slot. 


Ease of Use 

Russell Hobbs 24080 Adventure comes with a lift mechanism with three buttons and a knob in one place. These buttons handle defrosting, heating and cancelling your cycle. The knob has the lift and lock that allows for quick checking on the status of cooking of your slices. 

Overall, you can start and stop any process on the toaster an instant even if you have not used a toaster in the past. You do not even need to have read the instruction to use it. On ease of use, the toaster gets a 4.7 out of 5. 

Design and Style 

The toaster is made of a strong, brushed steel outer body with a minimalist design. The steel looks stylish and enhances the durability of the toaster given that device gets heated several times. Its interior is made of stainless steel to prevent staining or oxidation after repeated heating. When it comes to design and style, this toaster model gets a 4.8 out of 5. 


Russell Hobbs Adventure two slice toaster comes with all the basic features that include defrosting, variable browning, lift and lock and heating. Therefore, you basically have all the possible toasting needs covered in one go.

However, the toaster lacks various premium features that make toasting easy and convenient such as a timer and weight detection capabilities. However, it has a warming feature, which is fantastic for busy people. In terms of features, the toaster gets a 4.2 out of 5. 


Russell Hobbs Adventure two slice toaster is a durable, versatile and is easy to use. It can offer you consistent performance as long as you use both slots at the same time. However, it does not have one or two automatic functions that would have otherwise made it more convenient.

We recommend the model for people looking for a quality toaster that is easy to use and has basic functions. The overall rating of the toaster is 4.3 out of 5.