Russell Hobbs Adventure Brushed Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Review

Russell Hobbs electric kettle is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The kettle has a sleek design, and it looks gorgeous. Also, the stainless steel material matches a lot of kitchen appliances if you want to have one design in your kitchen.

1. Overview Of The Product

The Russell Hobbs adventure kettle is made from stainless steel material. This material makes it easier to clean, and you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing it. Also, the material is perfect as it does not rust.
This is great since the kettle is for boiling water drinking water and you don’t want it to be contaminated by rust. Also, the kettle boils water very fast no need for you not to stop and have a cup of coffee or tea. You can boil a cup of water in 45 seconds.
Moreover, you don’t have to worry about splattering water all over when you are spilling in a cup since it has a great spout that makes the water have a streamlined flow. This ensures you don’t make a mess in the kitchen.

2. Features In Detail

• Saves Energy
This kettle saves the energy that is used to boil water by around 66%. This is achieved by boiling one cup of water versus boiling a litre of water. If you hate piling up on energy bill, then this kettle is the right choice for you. You get hot water when needed while saving energy.
• Saves Time
When you are in a hurry or getting late for a job in the morning, the last thing you want is to spend hours making a cup of tea or coffee. You need to spend the least amount of time in your kitchen as possible and be on the move.
This kettle boils a cup of water in 45 seconds. This means you can have your coffee in less than a minute.
• Has A Perfect Pour Spout
Nothing can make you frustrated as spilling water in the kitchen. You end up making a mess in the kitchen and spending hours cleaning the mess. Not to mention the possibility of accidentally pouring hot water on yourself.
The kettle is designed with a perfect pour spout that makes it easier for you to pour out hot water to the cup. This helps keep your workspace clean and reduce any chances of accidentally burning yourself.

3. Specifications

• Removable, Washable Filter
The Russell Hobbs kettle has a removable, washable filter. This filter is used to separate clean water and any impurities like lime.
You can remove the filter and clean it after it has collected a lot of lime. This ensures that every drop of water that is poured in your cup is clean for drinking.
• 1.7-Litre Capacity
The kettle is big enough to boil water for the whole family. It has a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres of water. This water is around 4 cups of water which ensures that the entire family can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.
• Pull Off Lid
The kettle comes with a pull-off lid which makes it easier for you to fill it with water. Also, it makes it easier for you to see the capacity of water you want to add in the kettle.
• 360 Degrees Base
The kettle has a 360 degrees base. This means that you can place the kettle at any angle to boil the water. You can set the kettle handle to face you regardless of where you are standing. This makes it convenient for you to boil water.

4. Advantages And Disadvantages

The following are pros and cons of Russell Hobbs adventure kettle;-

a. Advantages

• Rust resistant
The kettle is made from stainless steel material which is easy to clean as well as durable. When buying a kettle, you need to ensure that the material is rust-resistant since the kettle will be used to boil water all the time.
• Easy to clean
The material that can be cleaned easily which saves you time to clean and maintain the appearance of the kettle.

b. Disadvantages

• No External Gauge
The kettle only has an internal gauge which makes it difficult to see the maximum capacity. If you are not careful, you may end up overflowing the kettle. The maximum capacity is an in-print on the inside of the kettle. You need to be extra keen to notice where it is positioned.
• Not Suitable For Places With Hard Water
If you live in an area where there is hard water, this may pose to be a problem since the kettle forms a lot of lime scales. This may contaminate the boiled drinking water. Also, it is difficult to clean the inside unless you are careful not to break the red cup markers inside the kettle.