Morphy Richards Dimensions 2 Slice Toaster Review

Morphy Richards is one of the most iconic brands in the UK, with a deserved reputation for reliability, performance and safety.

The Morphy Richards Dimensions is a stylish 2 slice toaster with a range of great extra functions. It looks smart, comes in a range of modern colours to match your kitchen decor, and can be coordinated with kettles from the same range. The Dimensions toaster will toast a wide range of items, and is easy to clean, with a handy cord tidy. It’s an excellent all round buy, and brilliant value for money. 

Great Range Of Functions 

If you store your bread, muffins or bagels in the freezer to keep them fresh, you can simply take them out when you need them, and pop them into the toaster, using the defrost setting. This saves you defrosting the bread then separately toasting it. 

And we all know the morning rush – it’s easy to get distracted and find your toast was done a while ago and is no longer hot. With most toasters, you have to retoast the bread, and of course it becomes too brown. With the Morphy Richards Dimensions you can rapidly reheat the toast without overcooking it. 

Toast Exactly The Way You Like It 

Some people like their toast barely brown, so that it is still soft, others like it really well done and crispy. With the Morphy Richards Dimensions toaster, everyone can have their toast done exactly as they want it. There’s a variable browning control dial that has seven settings, so you can use this to get your toast just right. 

If you like toasted teacakes, or hot cross buns, you’ll find the slots wide enough to take these. The many fans of crumpets will also be pleased to learn that the Dimensions toaster will toast these perfectly. The toaster will happily handle bread from large loaves too. In fact, the slots are approximately 14 cm long and have a width of 3.5cm. 

Conversely, if you’re toasting small slices of bread, it can be annoying if the lift on the side of the toaster carriage doesn’t bring the bread up far enough for you to get hold of it. This isn’t a problem with the Morphy Richards Dimensions toaster. It has a special “high lift” so that bread of any size is easy to take out when it’s done. Note that if you’re toasting something very heavy, the weight of the item may mean that you need to manually raise the lever up beyond its resting place when toasting is complete, so that you can take the item out easily. 

There’s also a Cancel button for safety, which will stop the toasting process immediately if required. All the controls are illuminated. 


The toaster is a standard size – 25cm x 22cm x 18.5cm and operates at 850 watts. The lead length is 78.74cm which is equivalent to 31″. For safety and convenience, you can store any excess cord neatly, rather than having it cluttering up your kitchen work surface. Because the sides of the toaster are plastic, it will stay cool to the touch when it is being used, which provides extra reassurance if children are around. Cleaning the toaster is easy too – it has a removable crumb tray so you can simply slide this out in order to clear out old crumbs. 

Great Looks 

This is a sleek and stylish toaster with a designer finish, in a range of colours. The toaster combines a gloss finished body with a stainless steel trim, so it’s smart and practical. If you want a coordinated look in your kitchen, there’s also a matching kettle in the range. Note that the power cords are black, including on the light coloured models.


A good quality toaster from a reliable brand. With ease of cleaning and a designer finish, this represents a solid purchase for any home.