Morphy Richards Accents Special Edition 4 Slice Toaster Review

The Special Edition model in the Accents range is one of the four slice toasters that you can get for your kitchen. It comes in a classic retro design that would look good in any kitchen.

As part of the Accents Range by Morphy Richards, this toaster has several appliances that complement it. You can find it in black, sand and electric blue, among other colours. A four-slice toaster is a preferred choice in many homes because it saves time.

With the Morphy Richards Accents Special Edition 4-slice toaster, you get this and more. This review looks at the features and what to expect when using the kettle. 

Variable browning control 

This functionality allows you to set the degree of browning that you prefer on toast. The perfect toast means different things to various people. You may want it slightly brown while someone else in the house may like it tan. With this feature, you can set the browning of the toast as you wish. This Morphy Richards Special Edition cooks the toast evenly on both sides, which is not usually easy to achieve. 

Illuminated Controls 

The reheat, cancel and frozen buttons have inbuilt illumination, which simplifies the operation of this toaster. You can easily tell if a certain button is on when working the appliance. This function eliminates mistakes like thinking you have pressed the frozen button when really it is the reheat. 

High Lift Design 

When toasting smaller bread slices, removing them can be frustrating when your fingers always get burnt. This Morphy Richards toaster prevents that with its high lift function. The design props up the toaster, allowing you to reach smaller slices without touching the appliance. 

Removable crumb tray 

A toaster can leave your kitchen messy if you are not careful due to the bread crumbs. The crumb tray in this Accents Special Edition is removable, so the user can dispose of the crumbs when it’s full. You can also clean the tray regularly and guarantee proper maintenance of the appliance. This feature makes it less challenging to keep a tidy space during breakfast and, therefore, you don’t waste too much time cleaning up. 

Cord Storage 

Another way that this toaster keeps your working space tidy is with the cord storage feature. After using the appliance, you can fit the cord into the hidden storage, ensuring that it doesn’t clutter the kitchen countertop. Additionally, you get to keep your kitchen safe by avoiding electrical cords in the open, which is particularly crucial for a home with children and pets. 

Reheat Setting 

The reheat setting on toasters has become almost a necessity for homeowners and Morphy Richards doesn’t disappoint. This feature allows you to enjoy hot toast even if you toasted it a while ago and forgotten about it. 

The Performance 

The Morphy Richards Accents Special Edition 4 slice toaster delivers more than satisfactorily. Its even browning of toast is the biggest selling point while the small crumb trays take some points away. Another issue is that when the toast is done, it pops too far out of the unit, meaning you have to be careful that it doesn’t fall.

With uniform browning, you don’t need to toast your slices twice for them to cook the way you want. You can also use the appliance for crumpets. The unit is elegant, and its different colour options mean that you can find one that matches your kitchen decor.

You can get it as a set complete with a kettle, but you have to check if the corresponding model is still on the market. With the frozen setting on the unit, a user doesn’t have to defrost the bread first, which saves time. This Accents Special Edition toaster comes with variable width slots, meaning that you can fit bread slices of different sizes with no issues.


For its price, the Morphy Richards Accents Special Edition 4 Slice toaster is worth the buy. It has a beautiful style and offers a handful of features.