Kenwood True 4-Slice Toaster Review

Part of their True Collection, the Kenwood TTP210 4-Slice Toaster is aesthetically pleasing with a curved design of smooth, rounded corners. Its outer casing is made of plastic so it does not get hot to the touch when in use. Available in white, this goes well with other white domestic appliances and no matter the colour scheme of the kitchen.

With dimensions of 17 x 42 x 18cm, this toaster is significantly less bulky than other 4-slice toasters so will be particularly appealing for those with kitchens where worktop space is limited. Weighing only 1.83 kgs, its construction of plastic also makes it more lightweight than other toasters on the market.

Measuring 90 cm if pulled from the right (or 50 cm if withdrawn from the left), the power cable is long enough to conveniently reach any plug socket, even if the toaster is pulled forward on the kitchen counter when in use. The base plate under the toaster has been designed to act as cord storage for any excess cable and/or when the toaster is not in use. Two clips secure the cable in place and out of the way.

The toaster easily accommodates 4 pieces of sliced bread if they are inserted vertically although you may find the edges and crusts of certain brands of bread stick out slightly from the top. However, unlike other 4-slice toasters, there are only 2 slots. This means that it is possible to toast less conventionally-shaped types of bread such as baguettes and home-made loaves. Apart from bread, it can also evenly toast muffins, crumpets and tea cakes although it does not have a bagel function (which ensures only one side of foodstuffs is toasted).

The Kenwood True 4-Slice Toaster has been awarded an Energy Class A economy rating. Despite this, all of its heating elements heat up even if only 2 – rather then 4 – slices of bread are placed in the slots.

How well done someone wants their toast is a matter of personal preference. To allow for different tastes, there is a manually-operated knob located on the left-hand side of the toaster. This adjustable browning control dial allows you to choose between 6 different heat settings.

Although the toaster does not incorporate an auto shut-off function, the lever above this knob can be raised as part of the toaster’s ‘peak and view’ function. This allows you to check on how brown the toast is. The main advantage is that using this function does not reset the browning cycle so there are no worries that the toast will subsequently burn.

On the front of the toaster (and to the right), there is a set of vertically-placed control buttons which are illuminated when the toaster is in use. The top button (decorated with a triangle) allows you to cancel the toasting process and remove the bread. The toaster’s hi-rise function ensures that foodstuffs are ejected clearly from the heat source. This prevents your fingers being burnt and is particularly useful when removing smaller toasted items such as muffins.

Located beneath the cancellation button and decorated with a snowflake, the middle button allows you to toast frozen bread. This saves precious time – especially on hectic workdays – as you do not have to defrost it first. Finally, the bottom button allows you to reheat toast which has grown cold.

Underneath the control panel, there is a crumb tray. This slides out smoothly from the front of the toaster and ensures easy cleaning of any accumulated crumbs.

Kenwood has become a household name in the UK since it was established in 1947. Now owned by the DeLonghi Group, the company continues to produce well-designed household appliances. The Kenwood True 4-Slice Toaster is sold with an instruction leaflet, registration card and fitted with a UK plug and is well worth buying.