Igenix IG3012 2 Slice Toaster Review

Let your mornings be simply delicious by toasting your favourite bread and more with ease with the revolutionary Igenix IC3012 toaster. It will fuel your culinary passion with its simple to start features.

For those who enjoy shopping for different bread sizes and choices including homemade or even artisan slices of bread then this is the ideal toaster boasting of extra-long and extra-wide slots that fit different bread slices. With its stylish design and vast features, the Igenix IC3012 will definitely make a bold statement in your kitchen counter. Here are more features.

1. Six position variable function

The most crucial job of the toaster is evenly toasting and the Igenix IC3012 will provide just that with its six-position variable function which ensures that you have the chance to adjust the toasting time to allow you get the right brown slice. The model will give you a consistently crisped brown bread with no burnt out edges or white patches.

2. Defrost and reheat settings

Get your bread straight out from the freezer and let the Igenix IC3012 do the rest of the work. With the defrost setting you only need to hit the button and have a warm bread crisped. So, don’t worry about putting extra slices of bread in the freezer. The cancel and re-heat setting give you more options in your hand. If the bread does not meet your browning criteria you can place it back in the Igenix IC3012 and re-heat to your liking.

3. Extra-long and Extra-wide and deep slots

From a simple slice of artisan bread to a fluffy one the Igenix IC3012 can accommodate everything. The model has 2 slots that are long and deep and with its ability to vary the width which is self-centring, you are assured it can accommodate slices of bread of any size. If you are part way through and would not leave the toasting cycle running you can simply hit the cancel setting. You can then come back and select the re-heat option. The Igenix IC3012 brand will not be a drag, you can fit two slices at a time and with its efficiency, you are assured to get the toasting work done on time especially when you have a lot of mouths to feed.

4. Design, Size and Style

The Igenix IC3012 has a compact contemporary and stylish look designed primarily to complement your kitchen culinary. With a height of 15.6 cm, width 26 cm and depth of 17.7 cm, you are can fit it even in a small size kitchen. The Igenix IC3012 is expertly designed to give you more room at your counter and similarly, give you a crispy delicious morning. Moreover, it has designed cord storage for convenience.

5. The high lift feature

You will no longer have to reach out for the bread in the slots and burn your fingertips. With the manual high lift feature, you will be able to remove your bread slices without much of a hassle after the toasting cycle is done. After you finish toasting it does not overheat and the outer casing is cool to touch.

6. Ease of cleaning

The outer case is easy to clean due to its smooth nature. For easy removal of the smaller pieces, you can use the slide-out crumb tray that also reduces mess while toasting. This allows you to clean your toaster much faster.

7. Power Efficiency

The Igenix IC3012 uses only 750 watts of your power which will save you a lot of unnecessary bills making it a must-have toaster for your kitchen interior.

8. Price

One thing that stands out about the Igenix IC3012 is the fact that with its efficiency, great size and impressive features, it is still affordable. You don’t have to break a bank to get this product because it is convenient for your pocket.

With its small size, ease of use features, small size and slots that can accommodate all types and sizes of bread, the Igenix IC3012 is a conventional toaster for your kitchen. Moreover, its efficiency allows you to toast many slices in a very short time.