Holy Brunch

No.67 is the resident cafe/restaurant situated in the South London Gallery found on Peckham Road. The room at the front of the building is small but airy, especially if you are at the window; the room to the rear is flooded with light. The decor in both rooms is simplistic and clean, the crowd are cool and cultured.

The weekend brunch menu features some familiar items, but with an edge. The eggs Royale comes with cured trout instead of salmon, and as a result is brighter in colour fuller and fishier in flavour. The eggs are well poached and served with a suitable portion of buttery hollandaise, but unfortunately the spinach is watery and verges on washing out the dish. The ‘on sourdough toast’ options are appealing – roasted mushrooms, house beans or scrambled eggs. No mushroom dish looks gorgeous on arrival, but the generous portion of large, roasted field mushrooms come in a deliciously creamy white wine sauce. This is flavoured perfectly with thyme and infuses instantly into the sourdough bread – you will be eating your crusts. The house beans in pepper stew are home made and taste of pizza! Divine. If you can’t pick between one or the other, choose one and have the other as a side – the very reasonable prices make this a feasible and all too tempting option. If you have a larger appetite, the full breakfasts – both Veggie and Spanglish – arrive as generously filled plates of your brunch basics.

The sensory assault from the cake counter as you walk in means you will be ordering something to the table – be this a light yet moist mixed berry muffin or a huge hunk of caramel-croissant-pudding. The berry, banana and mint smoothie is evidently freshly blended – if not mainly due to the on/off blender noise audible throughout the cafe. Surprisingly the banana is not too overwhelming, and even allows the mint to shine through.

Everyone here is here to relax and meander at leisure – many in pairs, some by themselves, all enjoying a weekend brunch followed by a stroll around the contemporary art exhibitions. No. 67 draws a large crowd because of the gallery, and could get away with charging more or becoming a bit pretentious – but this isn’t the vibe at all. The affordable prices and friendly, attentive staff make this an excellent spot for brunch culture. Bru-lture anyone?

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