Dualit Dome Kettle 72700 Review

With many electric kettles in the market, getting the right one can be a bit confusing. However, everything about the Dualit Dome Kettle 72700 is clear. It is simply the best- a perfect description of quality and comfort. Going for only £74.99 on Amazon, the traditionally shaped, yet modern piece of equipment is a must-have. It is made to serve your water boiling needs with no hassle whatsoever. Here is a more detailed review of its features and what they mean to anyone who possesses the kettle.

Rapid Boil

No one wants to get late for work waiting for water for their coffee or other beverage to boil. This 3000 watts powered kettle will get your water hot as fast as possible hence, saving you time. With a simple switch on, you will have 1.7 litres of water hot and ready for use; no boiling mess and spills as the spout a non-drip model. Its capacity is ideal for up to seven or eight cups, making it convenient for family and office environs. You can watch your water boil from either of the two viewing windows with cup level labels.

Boil-dry for Your Safety

It is not every day that one wakes up on time and gets ready for work or an appointment in no hurry. The Dualit Dome Kettle utilises the boil-dry technology to protect you and your home even when you are too occupied to remember to switch off the kettle. This feature keeps your home from going down in flames because of an unplugged kettle whose content is dry. It almost works as an electricity thermostat; only instead of regulating heat, it automatically switches off the kettle once the water inside it is dry or when the kettle is emptied out during use. This protects you from excess consumption of power as well, especially when you forget to turn the kettle off.

Cordless Operation and 3600 Swivel Base

Talk of flexibility. The kettle is cordless, meaning you can use it as the only kettle in the room and move it around without a cord’s limitation. Ever caused an accident because you were too busy to notice an item on the table, which you ended up pushing over the edge? With Dualit Dome Kettle, you will not have to worry about encountering such accidents. The 360 degrees swivel base has non-slip feet, keeping the equipment firm even when accidentally pushed over.

Removable and Washable

Getting your kettle cleaned up is not a hassle. Just remove it from the base, wash it with soap and water, rinse it thoroughly and air it on the utensils’ rack to dry. The base only needs a little wiping every once in a while or in the event of an accidental spill. The kettle is also lightweight making it easy to handle and carry when you are going on with your kitchen business or serving visitors. Its ease of use is exceptional and can be handled efficiently no matter the amount of water it has.

Safe from Heat

Handling a piece of heating equipment can be dangerous, especially if you do not know how to improvise an insulator. With the traditional kettle, the entire body was built of steel, forcing users to look for a dry cloth when handling it. With this new design, handles are heatproof, so you can just hold and pour out without fear of getting burnt. Its lid has a knob with a finger guard. The handle is also ergonomic, keeping your grip firm and making it easy for you to pour out your content.

Taking Caution

The handle may be heatproof, but the body is not. As a consequence, make sure you only use the handle to carry it when hot and avoid placing the kettle on a thin surface away from its base. Just like other electric and heat pieces of equipment, keep the kettle away from children, especially when hot. Do not leave it to boil without its lid as these may lead to spills and if close, you might get burnt.


If you are in search of the ideal electric kettle for your home or your office, what else could you opt for? Its beautiful design allows you to gift a friend as well for a wedding or anniversary. The stainless steel Dualit Dome Kettle is available in chrome and black colours. It comes with a an instruction pamphlet with all details accurately written and well described. Enjoy a free shipment when you order the fantastic Dualit Dome Kettle 72700 from Amazon.