Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster Review

The Dualit Classic 2-Slot is firmly in the luxury category of electric toasters. It exhibits all the style and high-quality workmanship you’d expect from an appliance that has been individually built by hand in the UK.

There is even a unique personal touch of the name of your toaster’s assembler being included on the product’s base. It includes many practical features but does it toast bread as perfectly as its expensive price implies?

Superior Design

The Classic 2-Slot measures a compact 26.01cm x 22cm x 21.01cm. Compared to many toasters of this size it weighs considerably more at 3.5kg. Solidly constructed throughout in high-quality stainless steel, its well-cut panels fit together with seamless precision.

The gently curved exterior exudes a timeless elegance that will complement any kitchen. The Classic is available in no less than eight colours: silver, white, canvas white, utility cream, red, azure blue, copper and black. There are ventilation slots at one end and the toaster stands on small feet. It can be matched to the Dualit Classic kettle.

Exclusive Features

Both of the slots can be operated separately and can defrost frozen bread and re-heat cold slices of toast. There’s also a crumb tray that can be removed for easy cleaning. The toaster has a timer but it operates manually to allow you to control exactly how brown you want your toast to be. There is no automatic ejector.

Instead the toaster keeps your toast nicely warm until you’re ready to eat it. The manual lever is ideal for lifting smaller slices. The unique, adjustable slots widen to 28mm which easily accommodate tea cakes and crumpets.

However, it is the patented ProHeat elements that place the Classic at the peak of toasting perfection. Like the rest of the toaster the elements are made with fine precision and include an additional layer to protect them while in use. The elements keep remarkably clean and intact ensuring that heat distributes evenly while maintaining a constant temperature throughout.

How Does the Classic Toast?

The ProHeat elements are strong and reliable and produce the most evenly toasted slices of bread I have ever encountered. Each slice toasts at the same rate on both sides resulting in a really crisp surface. Medium or thick slices toast perfectly but if you enjoy an occasional thin, melba toast the bread will crumple.

This is entirely due to the lack of weight in the bread but Dualit has the remedy. The sandwich cage accessory holds the thinnest slices in perfect shape while they’re toasting. The cage is ideal for making my favourite toasted cheese sandwiches, something I didn’t expect an ‘ordinary’ toaster to accomplish. Sadly, the cage has to be purchased separately. 

Years of Excellent Service

The average lifespan of mainstream toasters can be just 1 or 2 years but all the Dualit models are famous for their outstanding longevity. They’ve been in production since 1945 and there are confirmed reports that many are still in perfect working-order after 30 or 40 years.

Dualit’s environmentally-friendly policy ensures that if any parts eventually show signs of wear they can easily be replaced. But the main distinction compared to many less expensive toasters is that the Dualit Classic is actually worth repairing.


In an age where electronic technology dominates every appliance, the Dualit Classic is a refreshing reminder that reliable, minimal gadgetry is the key to success. The manual operation combined with the superior toasting performance make the Classic a pleasure to use.

It may seem like an expensive investment but its robust, elegant construction guarantees years of reliable toasting. Balanced against a succession of cheaper toasters it’s actually very good value for money. The only criticism of this excellent toaster is that the versatile sandwich cage isn’t include as standard.