Dualit Architect Rapid Boil Jug Kettle Review

You never want to be caught without the means to make your next cup of tea, which is why investing in a quality kettle is such a good idea. The Dualit Architect Rapid Boil Jug Kettle is just what you’ve been looking for. A powerful heating element means your tea will be ready quickly and the indicator light alerts you when it’s finished. The sleek design and modern look fits in with any kitchen and interchangeable panels allow you to match the colour to your kitchen’s colour scheme. If you’re tired of waiting for your tea to be ready, you need this kettle today. Check out all of its best features below:

Illuminated Window

Imagine being able to see if your water is ready with just a glance. With this Dualit kettle, there’s an illuminated window that glows a pleasant blue colour as it heats your water for tea. Not only does that provide a cool modern touch to the kettle, but you can easily tell when the water is ready to be poured and you can enjoy your warm cup of tea.

Pure Pour Spout

Nothing is more frustrating than pouring hot water to make tea and having it dribble all over the countertop, your hands and your clothes. With the pure pour spout, you can count on a smooth pour each and every time. No more wiping up messes before you can start sipping your tea and no more unsightly watermarks marring the lovely surface of your kettle.

Rapid Boil 2.3kw Element

Perhaps one of the most important parts of a kettle is its heating element. After all, that’s what will get you your tea. The rapid boil feature on this Dualit kettle means that hot water is ready much faster than with your average tea kettle. Instead of waiting longer than you want to, expect to have a steaming mug of your favourite tea in mere minutes.

360 Degree Base

The handy cordless base on this kettle makes it an ideal choice for both left and right-handed users. You can place it in either direction and it’s easy to reach for and use without compromising function and preparation.

Sleek and Modern Design

The polished silver look of this kettle gives it a lovely modern look that pairs with your other kitchen appliances. And if you ever decide to change things up, you can swap out the interchangeable panels to give it a brand new look that works well in just about any kitchen.


In addition to the cordless design and sleek look mentioned above, this Dualit Rapid Boil kettle has a lot more to offer. Take a peek at the following extras and you’ll see why this kettle gets such great reviews:

● Simple push-button lid to reduce the risk of burns

● Cup levels marked on the indicator window lets you make just as much water as you need

● Prepare water for up to 5 cups of tea at the same time

● 1.5 litre capacity

● Weighs just 2kg

● Dimensions are 28.2 x 23 x 22 cm


Many users give this kettle a high rating due to its many features and specifications. Of course, to find out for yourself if you love this kettle, it’s nice to give it a try yourself. Some of the best reasons to do so are listed below:

● Boils quietly

● Easy to clean after use

● Looks great in any kitchen

● Convenient to use, even for left-handed people

● Ideal for making tea for one person or many

● Great value for the money


Nothing is perfect and it’s always a good idea to weigh both the pros and cons of a kettle, including this Dualit one, before making your purchase. Reading reviews and talking to friends and family are both easy ways to determine if you want to give this kettle a try. Some issues to consider include:

● Some users report leaks

● Light scale build-up

● Not as high quality as other Dualit models

Overall, this is a good kettle for making tea at home. As a premium brand, it’s a bit more expensive than your average kettle, but you get a sleek, modern look and some features you won’t find on cheaper kettles. We say give it a try – you might just love it!