Dualit Architect 2-Slot Toaster Review

This is the perfect toaster for people who want kitchen equipment that’s classic but cool and which looks retro while incorporating cutting edge modern technology. Dualit are famous for their classic designs and high-end functionality.

The Dualit Architect combines robust performance and a great range of features, with superb good looks. In fact, the Sunday Times, no less, has dubbed this an undoubted future classic.

As you’d expect, for the Architect range, Dualit have rethought the form and function of the toaster, to produce this great piece, that effortlessly outperforms its kitchen peers in both looks and functions. Starting with its appearance, it looks different from other toasters, with brushed stainless steel sides and a simple handle operation, giving a nod to an industrial aesthetic.

The fittings and finish are far removed from the black plastic you’ll find on ordinary toasters. There’s a nod to retro styling and the Dualit heritage, in the ridged stainless steel side wall. 

More unusually, there’s a coloured insert panel, with a range of available replacement colours. This means that if you’re changing your kitchen colour scheme, or replacing other equipment in the kitchen, you can economically change the toaster to fit with the new scheme.

The fitting is simple – just unscrew the 8 stainless steel screws (four for each side), remove the current panel, and then screw in the new one. The Architect range includes a matching kettle, and this also has a removable coloured panel, so both items can be changed together and remain coordinated. 


At 2 kg, the Dualit Architect is slightly heavier than some other two slice toasters, because of its build quality. The main body of the toaster is made of stainless steel, whereas cheaper toasters are made from plastic. This extra weight will mean that it stays in place wherever you’ve chosen to locate it, whereas lighter products will move whenever they are touched which can be annoying.

Its dimensions are 35.4 cm x 26 cm x 23.8 cm. The slots on the toaster are 36 mm wide, which is much wider than standard toasters, to accommodate an extensive range of baked goods. In addition, the Dualit 510 sandwich cage, available separately, fits the toaster, for perfect croque monsieur and toasted, filled sandwiches. 

Perfect Toast Technology 

There’s toast, and then there’s perfect toast. Dualit reckon they’ve cracked the toast conundrum and taken the hard work out of calculating perfect toasting times.

Their toast technology will calculate the optimum time the toaster should operate, to produce a perfectly browned slice of toast. And it’s not just toast – there’s a special bagel calculation for different types of bagel. The toasting elements are commercial grade, so they’ll toast evenly from top to bottom. 

However, you have ultimate control if you wish, with a variable timer with 8 setting levels. This allows you to cater for frozen food items. If you keep some baked goods and bread in the freezer, and want to defrost and toast them, simply push the defrost button 

Patented “Peek And Pop” 

Dualit have outdone themselves here. The problem we all have, is that we want to know whether something is done, but usually that means stopping the toast cycle, then starting it again from the beginning. This guarantees that the item will be overdone by the time it’s finished. Dualit have the answer with their “Peek and Pop” system which allows you to check the toast then resume toasting at the same point. 

Just when you thought that no toaster innovation was possible – Peek and Pop arrives. Fans of advanced technology and cool industrial design will love the Dualit Architect.