Dualit 72310 Domus Kettle Review

An electric kettle is one of the essential products in every kitchen today. This saves a lot of time in boiling water. In case you have not yet purchased this product, or want to do a replacement, go for Dualit Domus kettle.

The Dualit Domus steamer has a refined stainless steel cover and two windows to measure the water level on both sides of the case, one in liters and the other in cups.

The Kettle has a powerful 3-kilowatt cell for efficient and fast boiling that prevents contact with water and reduces limescale. The dry booster function switches off the Kettle when it is empty.

The Sure Pour attribute has a vast contour tip that allows you to fill hot water at a smaller angle. This eliminates the risk of overfilling and falling during use and reduces the stress on the wrists when the boiler is full. The limescale filter is detachable, so it is easy to clean and replace if necessary.

The Domus boiler has a built-in cable for storage when not in use. It has no BPA, developed and manufactured in the UK.


It is a considerable compact kettle. It simmers water incredibly fast. It has a lightweight and looks great. The casting function is excellent – it is almost impossible to pour water.


Very loud, and when it starts to boil, it makes strange pops. Also, labeling of the amount to be boiled does not seem to be very precise unless you have tiny cups. That makes it difficult to determine the correct amount of water to fill.


The Dualit Domus Kettle costs £99.98. It is a perfect buy for such a prestigious product and brand.

How to purchase the right Kettle

When buying a kettle, several key factors are considered. First, who will use it and has it handy features? Decide what functions are most useful to you (fast cooking, lightness, no drips, low noise). Then figure out the style, should it be a unique design that fits the design of your kitchen? Want a kit with the corresponding toaster? If you need a high-speed kettle to cook or filter water at different temperatures when buying a boiler, consider the following:

Factors to consider

Most kettles have various capacities and commonly range from 2.3 kW to 3 kW. The stronger the Kettle, the faster it cooks. Regardless of the performance, the amount of energy consumed in boiling water is equal.

Boiling noise

In case noisy devices are interfering, check if the kettle has a decibel value. As a meter, the transformation is usually apprehended up to 60 dB, while the workout can reach 95 dB.


How much water do you normally require to cook? An electric kettle with measuring windows helps to prepare only the necessary water and saves time and energy. If you only cook a small amount, you may have a smaller kettle. If you boil cooking water with a kettle, you may need a larger one.


In case the weight of the kettle is significant, the material used to make it is a factor to consider, especially if you normally fill the boiler to the maximum. Of course, plastic is much lighter than metal. The volume will also affect the mass. 1 ml is equivalent to 1 g of water. If you do not need a heavy kettle, remember that 2 liters of water weighs 2 kg. Just try to make the water you require.

Ease of use

Consider how easy it is to hold the handle when lifting the Kettle. Whether there is enough room between your grip and the body for your hand, and if there are a comfort or safety features such as ankle protection.


Many kettles have removable and washable calcification filters, although some are uncomplicated to disconnect than others. The plastic boiler is easily wiped off, and after cleaning the metal, the kettle must be polished to remove any dirt. Water drops results in calcification. Go for a teapot with a non-drip tip to avoid limescale, and make sure it looks good.

Reliability and maintainability

Take a look at the devices and connections – do they have any weaknesses? What do they consist of? The hinge of the lid is twice as strong as the other parts of the Kettle and opens and closes with each boil. If the joint looks thin and the cover rotates to the open position if twisted, it may break. In case you are spending in a boiler that is high on the rating scale, you should find out if the manufacturer provides spare parts.