Dualit 72010 Cordless Jug Kettle Review

An electric kettle is one of the essential products in every kitchen today. This saves a lot of time in boiling water. In case you have not yet purchased this product, or want to do a replacement, go for Dualit Domus kettle.

Kettle technology has gradually improved over the past few decades. To get hot water for tea, you no longer need to boil a pan on the stove. You can use a cordless jug kettle. These kettles are highly reliable. They look great, are solid with excellent volume and perfectly balanced to make you and your family tea in a couple of minutes. Have you been looking for an attractive cordless jug kettle? Then you might want to try out the Dualit 72010 Cordless Jug Kettle. A kettle not just for tea making, but also for boiling water to make you soup or pasta.

The Dualit 72010 Cordless Jug Kettle

Dualit’s flawless set of beliefs have always remained on top; from outstanding design to essential functionalities and with regard to excellence, a set of excellent attributes. This Jug Kettle has a high performance and functionality. This cordless piece comes as an upright format kettle with a different pouring mechanism when compared to any other traditional dome-shaped kettle.


To achieve a faster boiling time, the kettle is designed with a powerful 2.4kW element to ensure your water boils within the shortest time. It comes with a BPA free viewing windows feature. The dual windows, together with the cup level indicator on both sides of the jug helps measure water in litres. You will always boil the right amount. To achieve easy filling, its hinged lid allows you to open the kettle’s top fully. The large heatproof knob with a finger guard ensures no water spills are made around you. The handle has been insulated against heat, and therefore, there are no chances of electric shock when handling the appliance.

At the base of the jug kettle is an element that ensures quick boiling is achieved. This element has been placed far from the water contact to prevent any lime-scale damage. Uniquely, the kettle also features a boil-dry protection mechanism. This means that if you accidentally switch on the kettle whilst having no water, the boil-dry device will immediately switch off the heating element thus protecting the kettle from any damage.

It has been scientifically tested and found to be relatively quieter than most kettle of this category. When empty, it weighs slightly less than a kilo therefore not very heavy. When the casing gets very hot, you can hold the appliance at its the heatproof handle. This handle allows you to effortlessly operate the kettle with no uneven pouring or burning your hands.

The cordless operation of the jug and its 360° swivel base ensures it sits properly on its base. No wobbling. When in use, place it on its base at any rotary angle hence accommodating both left-handed and right-handed persons. Lastly, the kettle is of an attractive stainless steel body and not aluminium. This is a far sounder material to heat water and expect no traces of rust. Its stylish design makes it a luxurious kettle. Control it by simply switching it on/off. The indicator light will show you if the kettle has been powered on. Once the water has come to a boil, the kettle automatically shuts off.


Some of the major advantages attached to having this kettle jar include:
• Its rapid-boil concealed element ensures water boils within the shortest time possible
• If well maintained, the kettle is durable. This is made possible by its boil-dry safety cut-out protection mechanism. Poor maintenance leads to a leak, cracks or breakage of some parts of the kettle.
• To save energy and time, the jug has a viewing window with cup level indicator that ensures the jug kettle is not overfilled. You will heat the amount of water that you need.
• As classy as it is functional, it is an easy-to-use piece with a smooth and reliable pouring mechanism. It is easy to fill, lift and also pour.
• It has a removable lime-scale filter thus easy to wash and dry. You simply rinse under a tap as you carefully clean it with a soft brush.
• It is exceptionally quiet when boiling.


• The narrow opening of the kettle makes cleaning somewhat difficult.


Even though they are highly dependable for use, it is important to know how to use the cordless jug kettle correctly. To achieve long-term use, carefully go through the manufacturer’s manual instructions. With this manner of technology, you can improve your tea time rituals. Purchase one of these incredible models and transform the simple act of water boiling. The elegant design will look perfect on your kitchen counter.