Dualit 4-Slot Vario Toaster Review

The Dualit 4-slot Vario toaster is a staple of the Dualit range, boasting a kitsch 50s aesthetics which many customer love. Offering a quick and even toast, it is a statement piece that goes well with modern kitchens. In our review, we look at this classic toaster and whether it’s the right one for you.

What is the Dualit 4-Slot Vario Toaster?

The Vario toaster for Dualit is a 4-slot toaster with extra wide 20mm slots and a range of toasting capabilities. From defrosting through pre-heating and one-sided bagel toasting, the toaster has sleek and modern controls which allow you to shift between settings with ease.

Measuring 200 x 280 x 310mm, the machine is relatively bulky, weighing 2.6kg. Having been hand-built in the UK since their introduction in the 1950s, the Dualit Vario has kept many of the design characteristics of earlier models with improved performance. Today, the Vario is one of the strongest performing toasters on the market, providing quick and even toasting.

Design and Performance

The most attractive feature of the Vario toaster is its trademark 50s design. The Vario comes in a variety of different glossy colours (black, white, red, silver and cream), each embellished with polished chrome around the toaster slots and along the front/back.

With controllers found at the front for easy accessibility, the toaster also features a quick access crumb tray for efficient disposal. An ejector system retains heat without burning toast, keeping your slices warm until the ejector lever is released to pop the bread up.

The controls themselves are simple and easy to use, consisting of one ejector lever, as well as a mechanical timer, bagel and defrost setting switch.

The extra-wide slot design allows for additional accessories like sandwich cages for ideal toasties. Sporting Dualit’s famous ProHeat technology, the Vario toaster ensures a crispy exterior and fluffy white interior on your slices of toast. In terms of speed and reliability, you can toast up to 98 slices of bread within an hour (with a toasting time of around only 2 minutes for 4 slices). 

Using the Dualit Vario Toaster

The Vario toaster is easy to use, with fully mechanical and manual levers and switches for ultimate control. To toast your chosen slices of bread, you can enter each slice either horizontally or vertically into one of the machine’s slots.

You can then choose one of eight browning levels indicated by numbers on the side control panel. To get toasting, you simply turn the control panel to your browning level whilst making sure the ejector level is down. Once your toast is finished, it is retained in the slots until you bring up the lever, maintaining warmth and crispiness.

One of the benefits of this technology is that you can check on your bread, crumpet, bagel or sandwich periodically without turning the heat off.

A very handy bagel feature is recognised by a circular bagel symbol. When clicked, this ensures that only one side of each slot is heated, toasting the inside of the bagel without crisping up the outside. Results are even on both sides, making the perfect toasted bagel. A defrosting feature also comes in useful for frozen bread, allowing you to gently warm your slices without over-cooking or crisping them up. 


  • Easy to use
  • Classic and stylish design
  • Consistent toasting results
  • Extra-wide slots for bagels and sandwiches


  • Expensive
  • Bulky


For those on the market for an efficient and stylish 4-slot toaster, Dualit’s Vario is a bonafied classic. Although somewhat pricy, it makes a very good choice when paired with a modern kitchen design and can be complimented by a matching Dualit kettle. The browning is consistent with slices retaining heat without popping up.