Dualit 4 Slot Lite Toaster Review

The plastic, high-gloss surround of the Dualit 4-Slot Lite Toaster ensures that it does not get hot to the touch during operation. Made of ABS plastic, the model is available in 4 colours: black, metallic red, gloss cream or canvas white which will fit in with any home décor colour or style.

The toaster has been constructed with a stainless-steel panel at the front, top and on the edging of its controls which makes it both sturdy and easy to clean. A crumb tray is located underneath the toaster and slides out effortlessly by pulling on a handle at the back which means a build-up of crumbs can conveniently be cleared up. 

Weighing 2.6 kg and measuring 28 x 31 x 20 cm, it is larger than many other toasters on the market, but its sleek curved design prevents it from looking bulky. Its power cable has a maximum length of 90cm from the front right (or 60cm from the back) so it can be conveniently positioned to reach the nearest plug. The toaster contains a cable management system so that any excess cable can be stored underneath and secured with clips on each side of its base. 

The toaster is extremely versatile and one of its innovations is that its slots are exceptionally wide, measuring 36 x 120 x 145 mm. This means that they can accommodate large and/or irregularly-shaped slices. The generous dimensions of the slots mean that all types of bread can be toasted evenly right up to the corners and the crusts. 

The toaster also has a bagel toasting function which toasts from one side but only warms the other and is ideal for toasting crumpets as well as bagels. A sandwich cage (purchased separately) even allows you to make toasties. 

Although the toaster has 4 slots, each pair is controlled by separate controls. Not only does this mean that 2 slices can be toasted without wasting any electric power, but the toaster can be used by family members with different toasting preferences. All controls for the toaster are located on the right-hand side and the toaster is operated by depressing the lever. Constructed of metal and with a plastic bobble at the end, the lever is easy to operate and sturdily-constructed. A red light to the side of the lever mechanism is illuminated when the toaster is in operation. 

When the toasting cycle is over, the toaster has an automatic pop-up mechanism. It also boasts a high-lift mechanism which raises the toasted items by 1.5cm. As a result, it is easy to remove smaller-sized foodstuffs, such as crumpets, without burning your fingers. 

An 8-level manually-operated dial located beneath the lever permits you to choose how brown you would like your toast with great accuracy. The toaster also includes a ‘Peep and Pop’ function to check on the toast without interrupting the browning cycle. If you find the toast is ready, you can cancel the cycle by pressing a button which is situated in the centre of the browning preference dial. 

The Dualit 4-Slot Lite Toaster has been designed with the manufacturer’s patented Perfect Toast Technology. This feature allows the toaster to calculate the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the toaster itself to ensure that timing is precise to satisfy users’ toasting preferences. If the toaster has already been used, subsequent toasting will be much quicker. 

Located beneath the lever mechanism (and next to the bagel function), the toaster has a defrost button which allows you to toast frozen bread without defrosting it first. 

Sold with an instruction booklet and a 1-year guarantee, the Dualit 4-Slot Lite Toaster incorporates all the design features to make it a highly practical purchase. Its versatility will also appeal to all households.