Dualit 2-Slot Lite Toaster Review

This Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster has the iconic Dualit style that we’ve come to expect. But as well as that, it’s got a great range of innovative features, including ones that you normally only find in much larger models.

The toaster has a high gloss finish, and is available in black, white, cream and a very effective deep red. It’s made of stainless steel, with detailing that neatly references the Dualit heritage of classic products, while looking clean and modern.

Brilliant Functionality Includes “Peek And Pop” 

The Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster has an 1100 watt power output, so it will produce toast quickly and efficiently. In fact, Dualit boast that it can toast 60 slices an hour. 

We generally know what setting to use for our usual toast. But if we buy some different bakery item, such as bagels, crumpets or speciality breads, we’re often not quite sure how long they are going to take to brown. The problem is, that with most toasters, you have to interrupt the toasting and raise the carriage, to see how far along the toasting is. 

After this, you have no alternative but to put the carriage down again, and restart the toasting process from the beginning. Which inevitably means that you have to stop it half way through a second time, in case the item burns! The Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster puts an end to all this fuss, with its innovative “Peek and Pop” function. This allows you to check how the toasting is going, without interrupting the timer. So the toasting process continues, rather than starting over again. 

Note that the toaster has a rubberised plastic finish on the non-metal surfaces, so that it doesn’t get hot on the outside during toasting. 

Ideal Toasting, Every Time 

Dualit’s “ideal toast technology” uses all the variables it has about what you’re toasting, to calculate how to turn out perfect golden toast each time. Dualit are so proud of this advanced technology, they’ve actually patented it. The toaster calculates its own temperature and the required toasting temperature – very smart! 

There’s also a special bagel setting that’s ideal for all types of bagel, bun, teacake and crumpet, that are already browned on one side. This setting allows you to toast one side of the item, while simply warming the other side. 

Many people like to vary their breakfast, storing items such as bagels or spare loaves in the freezer. The defrost setting on the Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster, means that you can take your items straight from the freezer to the toaster. 

There’s a big move too, to artisanal bread which you slice yourself – and many of us like this thickly sliced. The extra wide slots on this toaster, measure a full 36mm. That means they can accommodate really generous slices. And there’s a Dualit sandwich cage available to buy, which allows you to toast deeply filled sandwiches, without the fillings falling into the toaster. 

Ease And Convenience 

The Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster fully delivers on ease and convenience. The simple to remove crumb tray makes cleaning easy – just slide it out, clean it and slide it back in. The toaster’s carriage mechanism is “high lift”, which means that it rises well clear of the toaster surface. This makes it easy to lift out smaller items. No more digging about with a knife, trying to spear a smaller slice of toast – which is both dangerous and likely to damage the toaster! 

The Dualit 2-slot Lite Toaster is a brilliant fusion of cutting edge technology with classic, timeless design. It will look great in any kitchen, especially if paired with a kettle from the Dualit range.