DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle Review

Are you looking for an electric kettle? There are many factors that people look at when purchasing for one. Their ability to adapt to all needs and how handy they are, are some of the reasons why they are functional in many homes. When purchasing one, it is advisable to avoid just taking the manufacturers word for it. Typically, kettles are built to hold between 1.5 and 1.7 litres, but some are always better than others in terms of quality, speed, noise, ease of use, and temperature options. DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG kettle is one of its kind with some of the most desirable features. To learn more about it, read through this review.

Why Choose the DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle

With the DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle, you can always be sure to enjoy a refreshing and great tasting drink time after time. This original electric kettle is exceptionally safe with an automated shut off when the water is boiling or whenever the body is lifted from the base. It is also well fitted with a 360° swivel base which makes it comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users. A big thanks also go to the removable and washable limescale filter. The non-sleep feet are also worth noting as they make the kettle practical and easy to use.


The DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle comes with an attractive gloss finish, a rounded base, and a conical lid. Despite its good looking shape, the jug kettle has been built with a powerful 3kw rapid boil element and therefore with it, there is always less time spent waiting.

The kettle is fixed with an outer case which is not prone to rust and stains. This feature makes it suitable to be used in any kitchen at home since it heats up quickly. This is made possible since the outer case is black in colour; hence, absorbs heat at a higher rate. It can be cleaned easily and does not fade or lose its colour at any given duration of being in use. In addition, it has a vast capacity of 1.7L, which makes it possible to hold large amounts of boiling water that is equivalent to seven cups. Therefore, with the DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle, there is an assurance of getting water as many rounds as possible. The rapid boil zone indicator on the kettle allows users to fill just the right amount of water.

Benefits of the Kettle

From the specifications listed above, it is with no doubt DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG is one of the best kettles you should have. A few of the benefits we can note from the kettle include;

1. It is Fast

DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle brings water to a boil faster than any other selection. If you value efficiency and would wish to have your morning cup of coffee faster, then this would be the best selection for you.

2. Ease of Use

To use the kettle, all you need is add your desired amount of water and press the on button. Its temperature settings are also pretty and intuitive to figure out, making it one of the most desirable kettles to use.

3. It is Energy Efficient

The kettle uses less energy to boil water than any other selections. The kettle saves up to 66% by boiling one litre of water, making it one of the best.

4. It’s Precise

This is a feature that does not matter to many people, but it is vital for tea lovers. There is nothing important than getting the right temperature when brewing some types of tea, such as oolongs and green teas. With the DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle, you will always get the advantage of being able to set the water for a specific temperature.

The benefits mentioned above make the kettle one of the ideal tools for many people more so those who have busy households and those who have a value of peace with their brew.


From the above specifications, it is evident that despite the kettle being an older one, its classic design makes it stand out and become one of the top models. With one, you can always be sure of experiencing the joy of this practical and beautiful kitchen appliance. Get one today and be sure to add a touch of grace to your kitchen. More to this, DeLonghi Vintage Icona KBOV3001BG Kettle is the best selection if you want to simplify your life with its intelligent controls.