DeLonghi KBJ3001R Brilliante Kettle Review

Many people love the unique diamond-like pattern of the DeLonghi Brilliante. The diamond facet design parades a seamless diamond effect exuding a sharp elegance. The kettle is a fabulous blend of futuristic styling and classical features. It offers a hi-tech style and practicality. It is an epitome of brilliance and perfection. This review will give details of why this kettle stands out.

Safety Features

DeLonghi Brilliante comes with a 3-level safety protection mechanism. These are the: Auto shut-off when water begins boiling, the Thermal Cut-off and the Auto shut-off when the kettle’s body is lifted from its base. The kettle’s bottom conceals a twin neon power indicator light. The indicator light shows whether or not the kettle has been powered on. After the water has reached the maximum boiling point, the kettle shuts off automatically. You can leave your water to boil and get involved with other activities and still have your kitchen in perfect shape with no spills.


DeLonghi Brilliante has a large 1.7liter volume and weighs 800g when empty. It also measures 18.5 by 25 by 27 cm and has a polygonal surfaced body frame with a salient finish. This forms an urban touch. Its uniform balance and lightweight when empty or full ensures ease of removing and returning it to its base. You will require very minimal strength when handling this appliance. The kettle also features a filter that helps prevent the build-up of limescale. The filter is removable and washable.

This gorgeous kettle features a 360° swivel base. The base is detachable for cord-free convenience. Lifting and returning the kettle to its base at any angle will not be a big deal. Additionally, this swivel base is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users.

The water level indicator has been attached to the kettle for added convenience. The boiling water can be measured in litres hence allowing you to bring just the right amount to boil. It also has a removable lid that allows you to open the kettle easily and smoothly. The removable lid also guarantees ease of filling water.


The kettle is designed with a faceted body, as a result, this elegant modern appliance is ideal for anyone who is looking for a beautiful appliance for the kitchen counter. The chrome details on its trim highlights the science-fiction imaginative design that has been carefully put together to make the finish.

The design boasts a 2kW power. It has a concealed heating element made of stainless steel that allows quick boiling. Your tea or soup water will be ready in a matter of minutes. The kettle’s large ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to operate and carry around. This handle is heat-insulated, eliminating the chances of electric shocks or burns when the kettle has hot water.


Choose this kettle and be guaranteed of 100% benefits including:

• Its eye-catching colour and finish will undoubtedly add shape to your kitchen.
• The jug kettle will save your electricity because of its quickly boiling speed and automatic switch-off upon reaching the maximum boiling point.
• Its spacious and well-designed handle allows any hand size to hold or carry the kettle around comfortably.
• Since it only pours water from the spout, water will not leak from the surrounding lid hence no spills on your cooking space. This friendly appliance will still honour your level of hygiene. When compared with other models, this one pours very well.
• Its outer surface is smooth and therefore not quick to show smudges or fingermarks. Both the outer and inner surfaces are easy to clean. You will not waste time trying to reach the inner parts of the kettle while cleaning. Once the lid has been removed, the inside is accessible hence easy to clean using a soft brush or sponge.

Why Choose it?

Rustling up your breakfast coffee, afternoon tea or last-minute meal just got quicker and much easier with this DeLonghi brand. It has been tested to ensure super functionality; therefore, if well maintained, no issues will crop up when in use. The kettle will, in fact, offer durable service, thus giving you a sense of the worth of money spent on it. It won’t skimp on any of its functionality.

If you are looking for a superb styled jug kettle, or an affordably priced kettle, one with perfect functionality, the DeLonghi Brilliante jug kettle may meet all your basic needs and preferences. It features all these qualities in one blend.