DeLonghi Elements KBOE3001BL Kettle Review

De’Longhi’s Elements kettle manages to blend the old with the new, updating the brand’s signature 50s design with a more modern, tactile metal finishing and useful anti-limescale features. Complete with accurate water level indicator and a swivel base, it will make a great addition to a fashionable kitchen countertop and goes superbly well with De’Longhi’s other kitchen appliances, including a matching toaster set. Styled in Italy and intended to “look and feel” Italian, the kettle is created for the modern kitchen with a decent 1.7-litre capacity and rapid boil function. So, how does it rate up?

Weight: 1.3 Kg
Capacity: 1.7 L
Dimensions: H: 27cm x W: 23cm x D: 23cm

Key Features

Removable water filter:
An important addition to this kettle is its removable water filter. This helps you tackle limescale to produce refreshing drinks in minutes. Simply pop the lid up and slide the filter out of its compartment to clean.

This kettle’s removable base can be swivelled a complete 360°. No more clumsily knocking your kettle over or haphazardly slotting it in. Just lift and replace the cord-free kettle with ease. This adds movability and flexibility to your kitchen.

Viewable water level:
Never boil an insufficient amount of water again with an accurate water level indicating the appropriate number of cups per ml ratio.

Specifications and Functions Review

The Elements kettle is a beautifully designed kettle with chrome details and a brushed stainless steel body. Named after the world’s natural elements, the range as a whole (Icona Elements) has been designed with a distinctive colour scheme which is meant to mimic air, water, sand and fire. The physical design is meant to be all-natural and tactile too, with a bumpy, matted finishing on each product’s finished metal exterior. As such, you’ll be able to find this kettle in one of four colour schemes.

Contrary to the brand’s sales pitch, the colour scheme is more modern than all-natural, with crisp and sophisticated variations of blue, red, sand and white (described by De’Longhi as ocean blue, flame red, desert beige and cloud white). As such, the kettle’s simple, elegant colour scheme will look fantastic in any modern-looking kitchen setting.

As is required of a robust kettle, the product is constructed from strong and durable stainless steel and chrome materials which look both sophisticated and practical. The product is also very well engineered with boil dry protection to prevent damage if the kettle is empty. The kettle has included a number of fantastic safety measures to ensure you don’t get scolded. These include an auto shut-off once boiling commences, a thermal cut-off and an auto shut-off once the kettle is lifted from its base.

In terms of usability and functionality, the Icona Elements kettle is best described as a family kettle offering up to 1.7L in water per boil. This is more than enough to produce four cups of tea or coffee. In terms of boiling speed, expect an 80-second boil on 1 litre of water.

The kettle is marketed with a fairly high-end price tag, as you may expect from De’Longhi, but what you get in return is a reliable and stylish kitchen appliance. Perhaps one of the greatest features here is the anti-limescale filter, a handy little filter which is attached within the kettle’s spout to ensure high-quality water from kettle to cup. This filter can be easily removed and washed, ensuring that your kettle remains clean and hygienic.

Downsides and Complaints

This De’Longhi kettle range comes with a strong reputation for quality. Customers adore the way the kettle looks and feels, its heat settings and manoeuvrability. However, there have been some complaints regarding noise.

Although this is by no means a loud kettle, it has not incorporated any form of noise dampening technology, meaning you can expect a standard level of boiling noise. What’s more, some customers have made complaints regarding the kettle’s colouring, believing that instead of “ocean blue”, the kettle should more accurately be described as “dark blue” or even “black”.


De’Longhi’s Elements kettle is a well-designed, sturdily constructed and stylish modern kettle which is more than adequate for a family-sized kitchen. Because of the high price-tag and lack of noise-dampening features, it may be geared more toward a style over substance audience. That’s not to mean that the kettle isn’t functional. It boils quickly and has a very useful 360° swivel base and funnel filter. Despite its new tactile look and feel, it maintains De’Longhi’s signature aesthetic, with its bulbous shape and sharp, shiny chrome features. This is one for sophisticated modern kitchen countertops.

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