DeLonghi Avvolta KBAC3001.W 1.7L Kettle Review

If you are looking for the best kettle for home use, then DeLonghi Avvolta kettle is the right product for you. The kettle comes with a fantastic design and an elegant finish. The patterns included on its surface makes it stylish enough to transform the look of your kitchen worktop. With the kettle, you are sure of undistracted water heating sessions and fast operations that will make your kitchen efficient than ever. It is one electrical appliance that you will be more than glad to make use thanks to its features, design, and appealing appearance.

Features of DeLonghi Avvolta KBAC3001 kettle
One thing that will stun you are the features that the kettle possess. This is not an average kettle with substandard features but a superior piece of equipment with fabulous finishes and incredible specifications. Some of the main features the kettle comes with include:

A swivel base
The kettle comes with a swivel base that is both unique and appealing. The base can also turn 360 degrees making it more efficient. What makes it incredible is that it can be detached from the corded base. This leaves you with a cordless kettle that gives you enough room to operate whenever you want without worrying about the length of the cord. The base is also firmly fixed in place to the rests of the kettle, thus giving it a sturdy look that will last longer.

An incredible finish
DeLonghi Avvolta KBAC3001 kettle comes with a stunning design. The surface of the kettle has some artistic and chic patterns which will blend with your kitchen counter. The horizontal resin rings make the kettle to pop, and this is one of the many reasons why it is the best product for home use. These rings are added on top of a plastic finish that is BPA free.

The handle is also well attached to achieve an elegant look. This is complemented by a fully functional spout and an incredible lid to ensure the liquid remains hot as long as possible. Every inclusion is nicely done to ensure you get the best product without any faults.

A detachable filter
Don’t worry about scaling of the filter since it has been designed to pop up and be detached from the kettle. This means that you can always clean it whenever you feel like it has served you for a longer time, and it’s time to wash it thoroughly. The simple fact that it is detachable makes it efficient to clean the whole kettle without worrying that some other parts are unreachable.

A clear water level indicator
You no longer have to make guesses whether you are boiling the right amount of water or not thanks to the water level indicator. It is fitted at the back of the kettle, making it very visible when it comes to determining the number of liters you want to boil. The calibrations are well done, and this leaves the whole kettle looking impressive.

A great capacity
If you are planning to use DeLonghi Avvolta kettle to boil tea water, then you will never regret owning it. This is because the kettle has an excellent capacity of 1.7L. That is enough to serve at least four cups of hot water. Its capacity is precisely what you need to ensure that you don’t stress yourself boiling water a couple of times to serve everyone at the table.

A fast heating element
One of the best features about DeLonghi Avvolta kettle is that it comes with a superior element that boils water in a matter of minutes. The element consumes a total of 3000watts and boils water at a speed of 3KW. That is enough speed to ensure you have a cup of hot water within the shortest time possible.

An auto-shutoff function
Don’t sit around, waiting for water to boil. Thanks to the auto-shutoff features, you can go about your business because once the water boils the kettle will turn off on its own. You can also turn it off manually if you feel like the water has heated to the right temperature. Do this by pressing down the auto-shutoff plug at the back of the kettle.

• It comes with an elegant design.
• The kettle boils water fast.
• It is easy to clean.
• It has an auto-shutoff feature.
• It boils water fast.

• It consumes a lot of power.

From the above features, it is evident that DeLonghi Avvolta is a superior kettle with amazing features. It is also clear that it can make a perfect addition to your kitchen, making it easy for you to boil water. It is so far one of the best appliances that you can’t fail to have.