DeLonghi Argento Flora KBX3016 Kettle Review

DeLonghi is an italian comprany that dates back to the turn of the century (1902 to be exact). They are known for making quality electrodomestics for the home and kitchen, and there’s a good chance that your favorite authentic Italian cafe or Gelato shoppe has a DeLonghi espresso machine or Delonghi ice cream maker.

They also make a range of kettles, and DeLonghi Argento Flora is one of the company’s premier models. With it’s stunning matte finish and hip, retro-futuristic and quintessentially Italian design, the Delonghi Argento Flora kettle combines the functionality that professional chefs demand with a stylish look that meets the demands of even the most particular professional interior desginers. What’s more, this kettle comes at an unbelievaably low price, considering the quality of the item and the name recognition of the brand.

The DeLonghi Argento Flora kettle comes in five different colours: basic black, jasmine beige, peony rose, peppermint green, and agave blue. It also looks great paired with the Argento Flora toaster. Still, as a stand alone kettle this model from DeLonghi has a lot to offer.

Rapid Boil

The DeLonghi Argento Flora has a rapid boil function, which makes it quite convenient for those who are always on the go and need their water boiled quickly. There is also a water indicator level on both the interior and exterior of the kettle. The kettle has a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres or 7 cups.

360 Swivel Base

Most of the other electric kettles in this price range usually have a base that’s plugged into the wall, and then the kettle itself has one handle on one side. In contrast, the DeLonghi Argento Flora has a swivelling base that rotates all the way around, 360 degrees. This special feature makes this electric kettle suitable for both right handed and left handed users.


As for this 360 swivelling base, it operates with 3000 watts of power and it has a stainless steal heating element that is concealed from view. Once your water’s boiled you have a cordless kettle to use at your leisure.

So these are some of the main features of the DeLonghi Argento Flora electric kettle. Let’s analyze it even further, going over its pros and cons.


  • It Looks Great It really can’t be stressed enough that this is a fantastic looking electric kettle, especially at this price point. The retro-chic design is well thought out and fashionable, and the matte finish offers a unique texture (that doesn’t heat up either!).
  • Ergonomic Design One thing you’ll notice immediately when you start using this kettle is just how comfortable it feels when you grab the handle.
  • Anti-scale Filter All kettles are subject to what’s called limescale which refers to the deposits of minerals from hard water that build-up naturally over time. The DeLonghi Argento Flora kettle has an anti-cale filter that softens the water. This filter is also easy to remove for cleaning.


  • Noise One possible downside to the Argento Flora kettle is that many users find that when it’s working it seems to be louder than your average electric kettle.
  • On/Off Switch Another common complaint with this kettle is that the on/off switch seems to be slightly on the delicate side of things. What’s more, this kettle doesn’t switch off automatically, so you do want to get into the habit of bein easy on the switch once your water’s boiled.
  • Minimum Capacity The kettle’s minimum capacity is 1.7 liters, and buyers ought to know that it also has a recommended minimum capacity which is 700ml, or about three cups. So this isn’t the ideal eletric kettle if you’re going to be using it for a single cup of coffee or tea.

All in all, however, we still highly recommend the DeLonghi Argento Flora electric kettle. It’s not easy to find a quality kettle that looks this good at this price point, and when paired with the toaster from the same line you’ve essentially stylized your kitchen in one fell swoop.