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From the Dualit Architect 2-slice toaster right through to the Dualit Dome kettle, we’re here with the latest Dualit appliance reviews.

Our approach to reviews is pretty straightforward: we take a selection of the best-selling appliances on the market and take a closer look. What we’re typically looking for is the features that are included, how they work and how they are built. As we outline in our individual buying guides, most appliances would be expected to have a basic set of features that enable them to work correctly, while some (often at the higher price points) should include additional extras.

To take an example of how that might work within the Dualit toaster range and indeed that offered by their competitors, we can consider that:

Even the most basic toaster within the range would be expected to have a temperature control button. Without that in place, you’d struggle to get your toast done quite how you like it. Indeed, there’s a clear risk that you might burn some toast, or leave slices of bread under-done. So our review team would consider that to be a very basic feature. They would, as a result, expect it to be present on all toasters and would also expect that it should be effective. There’s no point offering the functionality, after all, if it doesn’t perform to the level that is expected.

Pop and Look functionality, on the other hand, might be something that we would only expect to see from higher end models, in most cases. This is the functionality that allows you to quickly pop up the toast to see how it’s toasting, but without cancelling the program. That falls into the nice to have category for most people, rather than being seen as a necessity.

When we examine Dualit appliances, it’s at that level of detail that we aim to concentrate. Ultimately, of course, we’re seeking to guide you on how good the individual appliance is and whether it represents value for money.

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