Category: Delonghi Appliances

Where should you start when looking for a new Delonghi kettle or toaster? The range is so extensive that it can be difficult to narrow down the choices. Allow us to help.

We’ve studied a number of leading products within the current Delonghi range. As a starting point, we took a number of models that are widely available from UK retailers. We’ve looked at the Argento Flora KBX3016, for example, to see how this compares with the Scultura KBZ3001GY. What features are present and how does it perform?

We also look at alternatives that are on offer from other manufacturers and you can read a selection of reviews, allowing for extensive comparisons. When choosing a new kettle or toaster, it’s vital that you’re clear on the functions that you consider to be vital to the needs of your family. Our guides are also helpful for establishing what options might be available and what the different functionality really means.