Category: Breville Kettles

Founded in the 1930s in Australia, Breville manufacture a range of kitchen appliances, including the kettles that have been reviewed here at Number67.

Originally formed by Bill O’Brien and Henry Norville (who also invented the name), the brand expanded from relatively humble beginnings in Melbourne. For those who have not visited Australia, it may be a surprise to learn that the brand is so common-place within that country that it’s practically used as a shorthand description of many appliances. Think, if you will, about the way in which many people say “Hoover”, when they mean a vacuum cleaner. The same is true with Breville.

Design has long been central to the brand and, if anything, this focus only increased after the 2001 buy out by Housewares International. Today, the Breville range of kettles build upon their innovative design solutions. You can read more by visiting the individual product review pages below.