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The Breville brand is known for quality, innovative designs and ingenuity. This inevitably means that their appliances come into discussion when you’re looking for a new kettle or toaster. But where should your search begin?

We’re here to help, offering reviews of their key products. We’ll help you to get a greater insight into the way in which products perform. If you’re currently considering the Breville Impressions kettle, for instance, then what are the core functions on offer? How does that particular model compare with others within the Breville range, as well as those offered by competitors?

Our independent reviews aim to examine individual appliances in detail, looking at both the pros and cons associated with each. Take your time to read through the key reviews and to identify the kitchen appliances that are right for you.

Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster Review

Breville is a household name in the kitchen and appliance manufacturing industry. It delivers numerous high-performance toasters with either 2-slice or four-slice options. The Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster, for instance, comes in a long line of 4-slice toasters targeted at fulfilling the breakfast needs of a large …