Breville Lustra Candy 4 Slice Toaster Review

Why not add some colour into your life with the Breville Lustra Candy 4 slice toaster? With a beautiful bright red, pearlescent panel, this toaster really does look the business and will really add a touch of class to the interior of your kitchen.

Designed with style and elegance in mind, this toaster has sleek edges, illuminated controls and chrome accents that stand out beautifully against the red panel. It has a modern feel to it, yet it also wouldn’t look amiss in a vintage style kitchen, it has such broad appeal. With a matching kettle on offer too, you really can update the aesthetics of your kitchen easily.

When it comes to controls the Breville Lustra Candy has everything you need to make the perfect slice of toast. A numbered dial means that you can set the toaster to toast bread exactly to your liking, just select the number on the side before you place the bread into the toaster and the bread will pop up when it is browned to perfection.

A lift and look feature also means that you can take a look at how the bread is doing even when it is mid-cycle, so you can check on the brownness of your toast. This is a particularly handy feature when you are just getting used to your toaster because it allows you to gauge which number setting best suits your personal taste. 

You will also find an extremely handy defrost setting on this toaster. This means that you can place bread that has been in the freezer straight into the toaster. Once you select the defrost setting, the toaster will then warm the bread through to defrost it before toasting it exactly to your liking.

This is a particularly handy function if you forget to defrost your bread or if you like to keep bread frozen because you don’t get through that much in your household. It means that you can store your bread for as long as possible without having to worry about compromising on taste. 

A feature of this toaster that is really helpful is that there are controls for each pair of slots that can be operated independently. Many 4 slice toasters only have one set of controls, meaning that each slice of bread is toasted to the exact same specifications.

This means, if you are making toast for more than one person, you need to keep a special eye on each side of the toaster to ensure they get their toast made to their liking. With the Breville Lustra Candy, you can just select the right setting for each person and relax, knowing that the toast will be browned to exactly the shade that they like it. 

The toaster also has really great features that help you release toast once it is ready and keep the toaster clean and in good condition.

High-lift levers, for instance, not only assist when it comes to checking on your toast mid-cycle but they also make it easy to take toast out of the toaster when it is ready. By lifting it high, you can prevent burnt fingers. A removable crumb tray also makes for easy cleaning. Just slide the tray out and wipe away the crumbs and you are good to go.

Cord storage and non-slip feet, also help the toaster sit neatly on your worktop and remove the chance of the toaster moving out of position. 

Variable width slots make it easy to toast bread of any size, from the thickest loaves to tiny crumpets, this toaster can handle any bread product that you want toasting.

Plus, a 3 kW heating element makes quick work of your toasting needs. You certainly won’t be hanging around all day waiting for your toast. This product is great for those who want a stylish toaster and those who don’t have time to mess around while they feed their family.