Breville Impressions Kettle Review

Kettles are used in households as a fast and efficient way to boil water. They are almost a must-have equipment that helps to meet the needs of most people in their homes. This guide gives an unbiased review of the kettle by Breville Impressions based on the experience of various customers. With pros and cons inclusive, this guide is meant to help you when looking at this particular product as a purchase option in case it meets your needs. The Breville Impressions Kettle is listed on various online shopping platforms here in the UK, Amazon being one of them.

Product overview

This product is available in an extensive range of colours, which include black, white and red; they all have a glossy finish. The Breville kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres and an efficient kilowatt element that enables the water to boil rapidly. It also makes less noise compared to other kettles. The kettle is light in weight. Of course when empty but heavier when contained with water.


The Breville Impressions jug kettle is ridged in texture. This design will surely place it to be the centre of attention in your kitchen top space, not to forget its ultra-glossy finish to complement that. The inside of the kettle has satin chrome accents that enhances the look. This high-performance product comes with handy features that can easily be complemented with a black impressions toaster.

This kettle has a 3kW element. Therefore, users do not have to wait around for a long time as the kettle boils water rapidly. It has an easy to lift lid that allows efficient water pouring into the kettle and a rear window to monitor the water level ideally needed. Its large capacity of 1.7 litres enables you to boil just enough water for the tea and coffee runs.

Its handy features such as the pivot 360 base enable any person, whether right or left-handed to easily use the kettle efficiently. The kettle has a removable and washable lime filter that ensures constant clean and clear boiled water hence prolonged life span of the product. It has non-slip feet that will firmly keep the kettle in place even on wet surfaces, making it a safe appliance around the kitchen. When not in use, it has a cord storage feature that helps to keep it safe while keeping the kitchen tidy.


●Ridged texture design
●Power 3000W
●Capacity: 1.7L
●Water level indicator on the outer glass window
●360 degrees rotational base.
●Anti-limescale filter.
●Plastic outside
●Stays cool to the touch when boiled.


•Rapid boiling.
•Attractive to the eye with a ridged glossy design.
Sturdy as it enables careful pouring of water into the kettle.
•Light and easy to lift because of its good grip.
•Easy to remove the lid.
•Has a great dense filter that removes limescale and impurities.
•Keeps the water warm even after boiling for some time.
•Has a 360 degrees base.
•Easy to clean
•Variety of colours which enable a vast choice when choosing the right colour to go with your other kitchen appliances.
•Fairly great price.
•Has a one year warranty.
•Comes with instructions in case one needs to use it.


•Gets quite hot on the outside after some time of use.
•Unclear number markings on the outside glass.
•Water tastes like plastic after boiling due to the plastic lining.
•Leaking after some time.
•Seems like it is made from cheap plastic material
•The switch becomes faulty after some time by turning itself on and off while boiling water
•Lasts past warranty time only so the longevity is not that long
•Can be difficult to clean when the limescale build-up is a lot.
•Takes some time for the plastic taste to go away after buying the product
•Most of it is made of plastic which makes it less durable
•Gets noisy after some time of use
•Has some design fault as it is not lined with metal on the inside

From the pros and cons of this product, it can be derived that the kettle has a fair price. Therefore it is a great deal when purchasing it. It works well for some time and later on starts to exhibit some faults.

So when making a purchase it will all probably come down to the tastes and preferences of various consumers. Some may actually find it being of value for its lifespan.

Those who would have hoped for a long term experience may be disappointed because it is not that durable.However, most users of the product are quite satisfied with the kettle and may even opt to buy other appliances that compliment it for their kitchen purposes. Hopefully this guide gives an adequate insight on the Breville Impressions kettle and informs potential buyers.