Breville Impressions 4 Slice Toaster Review

Getting any kitchen appliance requires a lot of deliberation to ensure that you get a product that satisfies all our needs and falls within your budget. A toaster can help you prepare breakfast quickly and correctly, and that will allow you to go to work, school or to do any other morning activity efficiently.

The Breville VTT476 impressions 4 slice toaster is one of the best toasters available on the market. It measures only 27cm by 30.9 cm by 19cm. That means it won’t occupy a lot of space on the kitchen counter. The toaster is only available in black and consumes 2000 watts of power with no auto shut off feature.

Functions and Controls 

• Four Bread Slots 

There are 4 bread slots available for use on the toaster. Slots1 and 2 are controlled by the handle marked 1 while slot 3 and 4 are controlled by the handle marked 2. The handles marked 1 and 2 are found on the side of the toaster. They move vertically so as to provide a lift function.

The two handles also have a lift and look feature that allows you to pop your bread out and check if it’s ready in case you change your browning preference. If you lift the bread and find that it is burnt to your prefered level, then you should press the cancel button.

If you are not satisfied with the progress you can slide it back down and let the process continue. When the toasting is finished, you can use the high lift features to take the bread out of the slot and put them on a plate. 

If you want to toast four slices of bread, you have to load slot 1 and 2 before moving to slot 3 and 4. If you are only toasting 2 slices of bread and you try loading the 3rd and 4th slot, then the handle marked 2 will not latch. 

• The Reheat Function 

The reheat function is available in this toaster, and it can prove to be highly valuable. When you lay out your toasts on the plate, and they get cold after a while, you can insert the slices in one of the slots and lower the handle then press the reheat button. The toast will then heat up. You should keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t burn. 

• Defrosting Function 

This mode allows you to take the bread directly from the freezer and toast it. Normally, you would have to take the bread out of the fridge then defrost it before inserting it into the toaster. After taking the bread pieces out of the freezer, put them in the slots then push the loading handle downwards.

Once this is done, you can set the browning preference and press the frozen bread control button. This function will allow the bread to be defrosted, and then they will be toasted. The mode may take a bit longer to toast your bread because of the defrosting process. 

Cancel Button 

This button is used to end a toasting session. In case the toast has already reached the desired browning level yet the toasting time had not elapsed, you can press the cancel button to end the session. 

Browning Control 

This feature is meant to control how dark the toast gets. The higher the setting, the darker the toast will be. 

Crumb Tray 

This is a tray at the bottom of the toaster that collects all the crumbs that have fallen off during the toasting process. This enables easy cleaning of the toaster and keeps the surrounding area clean. 


The Breville VTT476 is an excellent toaster with great features. It can cater to all your toasting needs. The toaster comes with a one-year guarantee, so you don’t have to worry in the event of a manufacturing or design malfunction.