Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster Review

Breville is a household name in the kitchen and appliance manufacturing industry. It delivers numerous high-performance toasters with either 2-slice or four-slice options. The Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster, for instance, comes in a long line of 4-slice toasters targeted at fulfilling the breakfast needs of a large family. So let’s jump straight into reviewing its flagship features for you.


We’ll start with its aesthetics since we know you wouldn’t love waking up to an ugly toaster every morning, what a mood-killer! Breville black 4-slice toaster comes in a satin chrome finish. Its walls are ridged all round to give it a high-performance feel.

On the face of the toaster, there are two levers or lift facilities that are well polished to provide a glossy silver appearance. Each lift facility has its own vertical sliding frame that’s silver in colour. The same colour can still be seen on the top part as well as the ribbon that runs all the way around the base of the toaster. It accentuates the black colour of the toaster in an elegant way. 

In addition, the toaster also has illuminated control buttons that are both functional and aesthetic. They sit a few inches below the embedded Breville logo. They are fitted onto a silver plate to maintain the black-silver theme donned by the toaster. 


With regards to performance, the Breville 4-slice toaster delivers a host of features. The first notable one is the ability to defrost bread conveniently. This can be a lifesaver in those bad mornings when you realize that the bread stayed in the freezer all night and you are running late for work.

That aside, the toaster has a mid-cycle cancel button and a cool wall setting that ensures you don’t burn your toasts or hands when pulling them out of the machine. 

The illuminating buttons mentioned earlier deliver an ingenious performance function. Their blue light shows you precisely which setting you’ve selected to ensure that you produce the perfect toast. You can use them to select one of the 9 browning settings available on the appliance. Also worth mentioning is the reheat feature that will ensure you never eat cold toast. 

Kitchen counters tend to be slippery especially when fluids pour on them. As a result, equipment can easily fall off and break or even hurt someone. Breville 4-slice toaster solves this problem with its non-slip feet, which grip the counter firmly whether wet or not. 

Another flagship feature pertaining to the performance of this 4-slice toaster is the removable crumb tray that is extremely easy to clean. This is a great provision especially in a family setup where it is used heavily. 

Toasting Options

The Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster has four variable slots of different sizes. Whether you’d like a thin, thick, middle or crusty toast, you can get just that by choosing the right slot and setting for your bread. Also, you can produce even bagels with ease for your lunchtime snack. 

This toaster also brings with it a high-lift feature. It pops your toast all the way up, giving you enough clearance to pick them safely. It also prevents the thinner toasts from getting stuck in the toaster. 

One thing to note is that when you’re toasting two slices of bread, use the carriage on the right. Consequently, if you are producing four slices, operate the right carriage first before moving to the left. 


• Some customers have complained about its strength, complaining that one lever stopped functioning after a month. 
• It restricts you to using the right side first. The left lever will not go down until you activate the right one first. 

In conclusion, the Breville Black 4 Slice Toaster is a great toaster with numerous unique features. Once you get past the issue with the left lever, you will fall in love it.