Breville 2-Slice Toaster the Perfect Fit for Warburtons Review

Warburtons bread is sold in loaves which are taller than traditional supermarket sliced bread. For a long time, finding a toaster which could accommodate it was far from easy. You either had to flip it over half way through toasting, or find a 4-slice toaster with long slots.

The Breville Perfect fit for Warburtons 2-slice toaster is designed with deep slots to accommodate Warburtons bread. So, is it the answer to the problem of how to produce great toast from Warburtons bread?


The toaster has a shiny stainless steel finish with a reassuringly solid feel, and non-slip feet keep it stable. As with most of its rivals it has a dial to control browning, and it complements this with illuminated buttons to allow reheating, defrosting and cancellation.

It features what Breville call a ‘Lift and Look’ facility, whereby you can lift your toast out to inspect it without cancelling the cycle. In addition, you can lift items being toasted beyond the normal height, to facilitate removal of small items like crumpets or bagels without the risk of burnt fingers. A removable crumb tray makes it easy to keep the toaster clean, and the bread slots feature adjustable width. 

Using the toaster

This Breville is very simple to use, and the controls have a solid, high-quality feel. Warburtons, or most other, bread fits in neatly. Depending upon your browning preference, two slices will take 2 to 3 minutes to toast, which is reasonably quick.

You will need to keep in mind that the browning dial covers a wide range, so set it low to start with. Most of the upper range will produce toast that most people would consider very dark! 

How evenly does it toast?

In all honesty, the answer to this is: ‘Not particularly!’. The most significant problem is when you are only toasting one slice. In this case, the side facing the empty slot seems to be exposed to some of the heat which would otherwise be toasting the missing slice.

This means that one side of the bread is toasted significantly more quickly than the other. It is vital that you remember to turn down the browning control when you are switching from toasting two slices to one, or else one side of your toast will be burnt.

It is possible to find a setting that works for one slice, but one side will be markedly darker than the other. If you always toast two slices at once, the bread will be toasted evenly on both sides, so this will not be an issue. Even in this case, however, browning tends to look a bit patchy. 

Does the toast taste good?

Despite its issues with evenness, the Breville produces toast with a nice combination of crispness and moistness. This is probably a result of a good overall toasting temperature. It works well with crumpets, bagels, and other smaller products. 

Will it look good in my kitchen?

This toaster has an attractive shiny finish, and looks solid and expensive. If you want it to retain this high-quality finish, there will be some cleaning needed, as it will obviously look less appealing when it is dull and covered in crumbs and greasy fingerprints! 

Should I buy this toaster?

If you are keen on Warburtons bread, or other similarly shaped loaves, this is a good option. Whilst it takes a bit of practice to get the settings right for toasting one or two slices, and browning is not as even as it could be, this toaster produces toast that tastes good. It also looks reasonably classy, and has solid, easy to use, controls.