Bosch Styline 2 Slice Toaster Review

Time for golden, crispy and tasty mornings are here with the Bosch TAT8613GB. It is a two-slice toaster with a stylish compact design and which has a cleverly designed popping-up warming rack. This model comes with all of its controls digitalised and a display that will always keep you updated on the cycle progress, making it the ideal addition for your kitchen space. The Bosch TAT8613GB houses a wide range of features that will offer you the ultimate performance to ensure that you have a timely crispy morning. Here are the features;

Design and Style

The Bosch TAT8613GB design is compact boasting a highly stylish glossy black plastic finish which is complemented with expertly designed brushed steel sides and a tidy cable located on the underside. After the toasting cycle, the casing remains cool to touch. It has a long cable with integrated cable storage for easy storage.

Small size

The model won’t take much of your interior kitchen space as it only measures 15 cm height, 15 cm width and a depth of 3.5 cm. You can easily squeeze it between a 3 cm length of sourdough doorstep with ease making it ideal for all types of kitchen sizes.

MirrorHeating feature

What makes a toast perfect is the sweet smell of freshly toasted bread which looks golden brown and has that crispy and delicious taste. The Bosch provides just that, with its MirrorHeating features which creates a perfect toast. With its four quartz glass rods which are designed for generation of heat, and fitted reflectors designed to direct and distribute the heat, it directs the heat towards the bread slices distributing it evenly to give a perfect toasted bread.

AutoHeat function

There is nothing as ideal as a digitalised appliance that saves you the irritable job of regulating the temperature yourself. With the Bosch TAT8613GB, you get a perfect AutoHeat control feature that will save you such a hassle. This model has a sensor that monitors the internal temperature and uses the derived data to adjust accordingly and constantly the time taken to toast your bread. This feature ensures that you have golden slices. Also, it allows you to put one toast after another without worrying about overheating or getting black slices as the time will be adjusted accordingly.

Memory function

The Bosch TAT8613GB also has an expertly designed technology which acts as a memory function. This digital feature remembers the last toasting level and uses the information to toast your nest slice. This will guarantee that the whole family is happy as all the served slices of bread will have the same level of toasting.

Removable crumb tray and styline for pastries

The Bosch TAT8613GB has a removable crumb tray that allows removing the small items such as bread slices that are stuck in the toaster. The Bosch’s TAT8613GB styline is designed with two pop-up bars that also acts as the pastries warming rack. They have enough room to place pastries of any size.


It has controls on the top side that has been expertly designed to be used by both right and left-handed individuals. The model has a de-frost button made for those who love to store the bread in the freezer. If you are not satisfied with the result of the toaster, you can re-heat your slices again to the colour of your preference by hitting the re-heat button. You can also use the cancel button to stop the cycle and later hit the re-heat button to continue the cycle.

High-lift function

Once the toaster is done, you can remove your taste safely without getting your fingertips burnt by using the high-lift function. The feature also allows you to remove the small pieces such as crumpets stuck out of the Bosch TAT8613GB.


With an AutoHeat feature and MirrorHeating advanced technological feature, the Bosch TAT8613GB will give you an easy functionality making it an easy to use toaster. Moreover, compact nature, small size and great style make it an ideal toast for any kitchen interior. Furthermore, with a consumption of 800 watts, it will save you the power bills.